BI 8

THE PROCESS OMEGA CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT Friday 31 January 1969 revised September 1973

Brethren, As it is,

1. 1 Literally Satan means the Adversary. And the scriptures tell us time and again that at the End the Adversary shall be destroyed and the forces of evil shall be conquered.

2 And so it shall be, precisely as it has been prophesied. But Satan the God, the Great Lord Satan, has ceased to BE the Adversary. He is raised up and reunited with His counterpart and one time enemy, Christ, so that They might begin to become One again.

3 We know Him and have always known Him by the Name of Satan, and Satan He will remain. But the Adversary now is something else . The Adversary now is all the negativity in every human being; all the lies and distortions; the conflict, the hatred, the tension, the blame, the hostility, the pain, the ignorance, the blindness, the self-deception, the isolation, the uncertainty, the misery, the antagonism, the failure, the futility, the apathy, and above all, the fear; all those elements within each one of us that drive us downwards and away from our fulfilment. These are the forces of evil.

4 And that is Satan now; the Satan that shall be destroyed, con- sumed in the Lake of Fire; not the God Satan, who brought evil into the world, first as a test for man, then as a punishment on man for his failure to withstand the test. His job is done, His work is finished and He is freed from the burden of it.

5 But the evil itself remains. The Adversary is still with us, embodied in the structure of humanity. And THAT is the Satan which shall be destroyed; the Satan within every human being. And it shall be destroyed by the destruction of humanity.

2. 1 Humanity is not human beings. Human beings are not humanity. Humanity is that vast unvtieldy structure of lies and distorted values in which human beings are trapped. Moral codes, material standards, political principles, economic demands and programmes, social conventions, national barriers, racial pre- judice and class distinction; these are the components of humanity.

2 And these are the source of evil. They are known as 'civili- sation'. But if we examine them and their effects, we see that they breed within the minds of those who are subject to them, conflict, hatred, tension, blame, hostility, pain, suppression, ignorance, blindness, self-deception. isolation, uncertainty, misery, antagonism, failure, futility, apathy, and above all, fear; in a word, evil; in another word, the Adversary.

3 Ultimately no human being is an enemy of GOD. If he represents himself as an enemy of GOD then we must treat him as such. But ultimately the enemies of GOD are: one, the structure of a way of life which surrounds and directs the human being, i.e. humanity, and two, the seed of rejection and negativity within the human being, which first drove him to help create that structure and now drives him to preserve it, and which at the same time feeds upon that structure.

4 But human beings themselves are not enemies of GOD. They are not the Adversary. They may side with the structure and identify themselves with the evil within them, and thus become trapped by the Adversary. But basically they are not the Adversary.

3. 1 Humanity is a trap, and human beings are caught in the trap.

2 We built the trap around ourselves. We fostered it, preserved it, and made it grow in strength and stature. This was our failure. And at the same time it was our punishment for that failure. We are like a man who is lured into using drugs, and finally traps himself into the agonies of addiction. The temptation ironically BECOMES the retribution.

3 But now is the time of the End. Human beings have suffered enough for the 'sin' of rejecting their GOD. We have paid the price of replacing Him with a self-created GODless structure of existence. So that structure, the humanity which we ourselves have made, must begin to be destroyed. And such is its nature that it is beginning inexorably to destroy itself. It is crumbling, undermined by its own excessive and unbalanced mass.

4 Humanity, the child of the forces of evil, is dying, destroyed by its own destructive nature. The world of men as we know it is ending. And nothing can be done to save it. Human beings must be released from the trap.

5 They too will die - by the million, and often with great pain and suffering, for the prophecies must be fulfilled - but to be reborn into a new order; not this time back into the same agonising rat race of GODless materialism. For that is dying never to be reborn.

6 Human beings, even those most closely identified with the material human existence which the world now offers its inhabi- tants as 'life', will be released by the destruction of that existence. They will be freed from the physical human game as it now is, as Satan has been freed from His role of the Adversary.

7 Whether dead and reborn, or surviving the cataclysms, there is release for human beings in the destruction of humanity.

So be it.

[ Signature -- Robert ]

September 1973


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