THE PROCESS OMEGA CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT Tuesday 11th February 1969 revised April 1972

Brethren, As it is,

1. 1 As we move out of humanity and into the Garden, via enactment after weird enactment, a change seems indicated in our attitudes to one another within The Process.

2 In the Garden, Processeans are what they are. They have little choice beyond the basic one of either being a Processean and keeping to the basic rules of conduct or not being one. If they seem to be out of contact or 'away with the birds', then that is how they are meant to be. You can be sure they are in contact with SOMETHING Processean (there is a good deal more in Heaven and Hell than just us, you know!). And if they don't seem capable of being authoritative and in command, then that is their level.

3 Every Processean will find his own level, and that is where he belongs. Validate the level.

4 If a Processean pulls something, falls flat on his or her face, that is a sign for all of us, not just for that Processean. It is part of the human game to come down with a heavy hand and punish. The Garden game is to be aware, to know what has happened - all of us, not just the one concerned - to share the act as though we all had done it, and use our awareness to move onto the next indicated phase.

5 We have always known that ultimately there is no failure or success, only a sense of failure, which is a wholly human trait. And a sense of failure concerning another Processean is as invalid as a sense of failure concerning ourselves. What is the difference, unless we are self-fixated and therefore automatically separate ourselves from other Processeans?

6 Hard though it may be to believe, within the Garden every Process- ean is equally free of humanity; as free as the Garden itself is. If a Processean manifests humanity, it is the humanity in all of us, not just the humanity in him or her. There are Processeans whose function it is to carry the burdens for all of us, to channel the agonies that all of us bring upon ourselves, to manifest the errors and wrongnesses which all of us bring into existence. Why else would our instinct be to blame them for what they do and what they are? Why else would we feel self-righteous indignation at their performances? Only because they are our own performances, manifested in someone else.

7 We should set no standards for one another, only for the overall state of the game in the Garden. And if that feels bad, then wherever the badness is manifesting, it stems from all of us. And badness and wrongness are not manifested in actions or incidents - these are simply leads and guides - but in attitudes and atmos- pheres, and these we all of us create, and the higher we are in the hierarchy the bigger is our hand in creating them (even when in concrete terms we have progressed no further than the rank of Messenger!).

2. 1 In the Garden, adjust the level of your expectations.


3 The future has unlimited potential, but the present is as it is, nothing more and nothing less, and as it is, is as it is meant to be.

4 For yourself, AIM for what seems to be the greatest fulfilment of your capabilities, but DEMAND of yourself no more than you give. That is the secret of no sense of failure. Again the future has unlimited potential for you, but the present level and extent of your giving and of your receiving is as it is, and therefore as it is meant to be.

5 For other Processeans, AIM to raise them as high in terms of fulfilment as they can climb, but DEMAND nothing of them beyond what they achieve and what they give. That is the basis of love and understanding. Once more the future has unlimited potential, but a Processean at any given moment is as he is and that is how he is meant to be, or he is no Processean.

6 Processeans are like the Fire and the Water that are the symbols of their life source. They cannot be moulded and shaped into predetermined patterns. They cannot be distorted and transfixed. They can only be harnessed, and they will find automatically their own level and their own pattern within that harness.

7 Each piece of a jigsaw has one place and one place only where it belongs. Anywhere else it cannot fit. It looks wrong, feels wrong, and throws everything around it into confusion. In its proper place, it fits, it lives, it is part of a meaningful pattern, and it contributes to a state of harmony around it.

8 If a piece does not fit where we are trying to put it, do we blame it? Do we relegate it? Do we punish it? If it belongs nowhere, we may not discover this until many of the pieces have been placed and much of the picture has emerged, but when we do, we simply remove it and carry on. But if it belongs, eventually we shall place it correctly and be satisfied.

9 That is the game within the Garden. And strife and discord can only hinder us in playing it. And blame is at the core of strife and discord.

3. 1 The fulfilment of the concept of GOD is a unity and a union; the Unity of Christ and Satan, and the Union of Jehovah and Lucifer. These can only come about through the creation of harmony where conflict has been. And the harmony must begin within The Process; harmony between Processeans, between lower ranks and higher ranks, between matriarchs and patriarchs, between Jehovians and Luciferians, between Christians and Satanists.

2 Only through harmony inspired from above but manifested below, can the Unity and the Union be fulfilled, and the scattered fragments of Totality come together into One.

Shalom, So be it.



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