BI 12


Brethren, As it is,

1. 1 In BI 9 we talked about the burden carriers within The Process; the Processeans who enact for us all, the less comfortable aspects of what we are and what we are going through, in order to show us the way beyond our remaining human identifications. Everything that any true Processean is or does at any given moment is simply a part of the whole, something he is channell- ing and manifesting that stems from all of us as a group.

2 The more we can accept that none of us has a separate individual personality, operating independently from the whole, the faster we shall move towards our final fulfilment in this level of the game. (Though even a Processean's refusal to accept his own choiceless channelling, is only a manifestation of the non-accept- ance of all of us! When we speak of choicelessness and the concept of pure channelling, it is easy to wonder at the object of teaching, but that too is part of the choicelessness, part of the channelling. Because even knowing that everything is inevitably as it is meant to be, does not remove the incentive to AIM for what seems to be the highest attainment, and to encour- age all Processeans to do the same. Nor does it remove the validity of acting on that incentive).

3 So, knowing [and feeling]* our own complete choicelessness in every- thing we think, feel and do, let us fulfil the paradox by STRIVING to understand more fully and to accept more completely the nature of our choicelessness. That is a paradox worthy of The Process, which is the Ultimate Paradox!

2. 1 Having looked at the concept of channelling from the centre out- wards, let us now look at the concept of channelling from the outside inwards. How many of you feel what seem to be alien feelings, when outsiders are around? How many of you think alien thoughts and manifest alien instincts and inclinations, when in contact with members of the general public? Again you are manifesting the links between The Process and the world of men. But in order to do it, you are picking up THEIR feelings, THEIR attitudes, THEIR thoughts, THEIR emotions, THEIR inclina- tions, and making them your own.

2 A man comes into the Cavern, and instinctively and immediately all the Processeans present find some reason to feel a strong sense of dislike towards him. Now they could all sit down and ask themselves what hostility each one of them has perpetrated against the man in order to feel this way about him. But that hardly seems a valid way through the problem. Far more effect- ive in resolving the attitude is a recognition that the man dislikes himself, and the result is that anyone with a real sensitivity to projections will pick up his feelings and mirror them. He sends out projections that say: "I am unpleasant and dislikable." A sensitive person picks up the projections and agrees with them, making the dislike his own.

3 This can happen with positive feelings towards people as well as negative ones, but it is the negative ones which often con- stitute a problem. And the problem can usually be resolved by an awareness of what is happening.

4 Also it is not always feelings and attitudes directed specific- ally towards another person that manifest in this way. States of agitation, nervousness, general hostility, suspicion, a sense of being watched, as well as positive feelings of warmth, relax- ation, energy, stimulation, etc. can be picked up and enacted whenever they are present with any kind of intensity.

5 If you find yourself in an alien state of mind, inclined to behave in an alien and inexplicable way, look for where the feelings are originating. It may be a person to whom you are talking. It may be a whole group of people across the other side of the room. But pinpoint from where it is coming and generally, in the case of a negative state, you can discard it.

6 But why should we pick up and enact what outsiders are thinking and feeling and doing? What is it in us that draws in these states of mind and makes them our own? The answer is the remains of our compulsive identification link with, and sense of responsibility towards, the world outside the Garden. And again, although it is individual Processeans who manifest these links, they are simply showing us all what links Tne Process itself as a whole still clings to with humanity.

7 It is a very long way up to be picking up and channelling the attitudes of others, instead of being so overloaded and fixated with our own that we can receive almost no external effects whatever. But it is still only a part of the way towards com- plete separation from humanity's agreements.

8 We may have risen above the earth, but we are still chained to it by strong identification links. When the world is wounded, we still feel the pain.

9 Despite our apparent satisfaction with, and acceptance of, the Tide of the End, we have unmistakable evidence that our detach- ment is by no means total. We are still conpulsively sensitive to the self-oriented woes and confusions of the human predic- ament. We feel them in ourselves, we see them in one another, drawn up from the world that surrounds us.

10 We are breaking the links one by one, and already, on several levels, we have attained harmonics of complete freedom. But there are still links to be broken. There are still entire levels of identification to be seen and felt and known and experienced, and then swept aside with the rest. And as long as the links are still there, we will continue to channel from outside inwards, in order that the links may be recognised, and then eliminated.

11 But meanwhile be aware - or at least AIM at being aware. When alien feelings and inclinations creep in from the human game and appear to belong to you, see where they have come from, accept them, acknowledge them, and if they are of no further use to you, discard them.

12 One of our greatest burdens is a compulsive ownership of totally alien states of mind. The assumption that because we manifest an attitude or a problem, then it must be ours, to be owned and validated, solved or resolved, within the context of OUR scale of values. Whereas if we separate what is truly ours - attit- udes and instincts that stem from an essentially Processean scale of values - from what is not ours, but belongs to the world outside, we can save ourselves much pain, and also take another stride in the direction of ultimate detachment from humanity. Perhaps we are ready to take that stride.

3. 1 The separation is everywhere, in every field, in every aspect, on every level, both within and without. Christ symbolised the separation when He said: "Give unto Caesar that which is of Caesar, and unto GOD that which is of GOD." Give to the world of men everything that belongs to the world of men, and to the Garden everything that belongs to the Garden. Leave with hum- anity all that is of humanity, and treasure within the aura of The Process all that is of The Process. Separate on every level.

2 Human attitudes, human thoughts, human emotions, human concepts, human ideas, human arguments and human agreements; channel them back where they came from. Channel them outwards and downwards. Exclude them. Allow them; recognise them, acknowledge them, validate them, communicate on them if it feels appropriate, share them if necessary; then return then to where they belong. And if they still remain, accept that too. There is more to be felt, more to be seen, more to be known, more to be understood, more to be experienced. The patience of the saints is a part of acceptance.

3 And there will be suffering - even in the Garden. Although we may not be OF the world, living IN the world entails feeling many of the world's agonies. Remember that the function which we are fulfilling here is a part of our expiation, and expiation must contain suffering.

4 And humanity's greatest pain lies in its alienation from the Truth, so that too we must feel and know from time to time, as part of our function in the world. So bear the pain when it comes, but do not despair. Keep always the knowledge of your basic and fundamental contact with GOD, which is unchanging.

5 The world of men is Hell. The Process in the world of men is Purgatory. And in Purgatory, although there is the pain of expiation, there is also the certainty of ultimate fulfilment. There is no way from Purgatory into Hell; only into Heaven, once the debt is repaid and the account balanced. For the Elect, tainted as they are by aeons of sin and alienation from GOD, there is suffering, but suffering which leads inexorably towards purification and rebirth. For those who truly BEL0NG in Purgatory, there is no longer a choice between Heaven and Hell, only a span of Time which separates them from ultimate reunion with GOD. For those who are truly OF The Process, there is no way back into the world of men; only the Time of the End to endure while the debt is repaid.

6 And the extent to which a being is of The Process is the ext- ent to which he consciously believes he belongs within the aura of The Process. That is your criterion. Your uncon- scious motivations reflect only the nature and extent of your need to expiate and the function you are destined to Perform. Ultimately, your spark of conscious knowledge that you belong, is all that matters. And he that endures to the End shall be part of the New Beginning.

4. 1 But another step towards the final state of detachment seems appropriate at this time. Our compulsive links with humanity are closely connected with the nature of our contact with hum- anity. And a manifestation of these links is a driving need some of us feel to tell the world about ourselves, who we are, what we are, what we stand for and what we are doing. And we carry this far beyond the basic demonstration of The Process for the purpose of collecting the few who belong. We are more than simply a beacon set on a hill to attract our people. We still tend to make ourselves 'available' to all and sundry for information about us.

2 For what? Why do we feel the need to answer people's casual and generally irrelevant questions satisfactorily - for them? Why do we feel obliged to 'explain' our attitudes to those who doubt us and air their doubts? Why do we feel compelled to 'make sense' in THEIR terms, to meet and satisfy THEIR logic on its own ground.

3 All of this indicates another identification link, another shar- ed agreement, another sense of responsibility towards humanity.

4 How many of you knew that you belonged, because it all 'made sense' to you in human terms? How many of you found your place within The Process, because all your questions were satisfactor- ily answered? True Processeans seldom realise what they are on the basis of human logic; they FEEL their belonging without having to know consciously all about what The Process really is. THEN, to find out, to learn, to penetrate the mysteries, to lift the veils of ignorance, to understand and clarify and probe the real depths of Process knowledge, there are the Progresses, the Discussions, the Circles, the Meditations and the Processcenes; a formal structure in which questions can be answered. The books and magazines are an extra; a bonus; something on which a Processean can pin his sense of belonging if he needs to do so.

5 Beyond that, for the Elect, there are the [Secret]* Teachings, steps on the way back, which, as we tear aside each veil, take us closer and closer to the End and our point of origin.

6 So don't feel that you must answer every outsider's casual quest- ions. Be charming and polite, but make it gently clear that all the principles and tenets of The Process may be learned at Process Activities and from Process literature, and that inform- ation about the organisation and structure of The Process is not their problem and need not concern them.

7 You MAY answer questions about The Process - as long as they are relevant and concern matters that are not internal and private - if your instincts tell you to do so and it feels appropriate, but you need never feel obliged to do so. Nor need you feel that it is your duty to inform people, except in terms of the activities and amenities that are available to them as members of the public.

8 Follow your instincts. If you truly WANT to answer a Person's questions, then do so by all means. But if you only THINK - compulsively - that you OUGHT to answer them, then don't.

9 There are laid down formal opportunities for both teaching and preaching to those who choose to listen and learn. The chan- nels are open wide for the collection of new Processeans without the added need for casual conversations with outsiders. Our time is too precious to be spent on what is often an unrewarding and nonproductive activity, since if you are talking to non- Processeans, all they feel is mystery. They are not equipped to understand. This is the separation.

10 So make this your general rule for casual contact with the world of men: A calm and validating minimum of words - or silence, if you wish.

11 We are not here to convert or persuade or convince. We are not here to serve the human needs of human beings. (There are mill- ions who attempt to do that - to their own sense of failure). We are not here to make humanity love us, or accept us, or under- stand us, or approve of us, or in any way validate our exist- ence. To play that game, making those demands, is to play the human game, and to be trapped within the human cycle of ignor- ance.

12 Our game is a different game; not one concerned with reaching out and down to find favour in the eyes of men, but one concern- ed with reaching upwards, transcending the levels of human judgement and evaluation; a game of purification, by moving further and further away from the confusion of the human lie and closer and closer towards the clarity of Divine Truth.

13 We are here to destroy the 'forces of evil', which are all the negative, failure aspects of existence; the elements that drain life and foster death, that corrupt rather than cleanse, confuse rather than clarify, and drag down rather than lift up. And to do this we must manifest, and then destroy them, within ourselves; bring them to the fore, enact them, and then elim- inate them through the power of knowledge. We must see and feel and know, and then destroy; our unawareness, our defens- iveness, our need to be superior, our need to be right, our instinct to justify, our lack of control, our lack of contact with one another, our fixed attention on self, our resentment, our jealousy, our hostility, our need to blame and invalidate whilst seeking validation for ourselves, our inclination to disobey, our refusal to give, our sense of vulnerability, our fear, our guilt, our personal Pride and our sense of failure.

5. 1 These elements and all the others that stem from and relate to them reflect the presence of Satan. They ARE the presence of Satan, within the world and within us. And when the Bible speaks of the destruction of Satan, of Satan being cast for- ever into a lake of fire, it means the purging of the world of these elements, which it calls the 'forces of evil'.

2 The earth must be purged and cleansed in the fires of purific- ation, which means that we must take upon ourselves all the evil with which the earth is polluted, and then purify our- selves in order to destroy the evil. Only then can Satan Himself, the Being, be free; His soul released from imprison- ment within the earth.

3 As we destroy each negative aspect within ourselves and within The Process, as we enact and eliminate another force of evil, another Satanic manifestation, another human compulsion, we sever one more link that binds Satan - and thereby also Christ His Brother - to the world of men.

4 By reason of His function as Tempter and implanter of evil, Satan is bound to the creation which He has proved invalid. His soul, His basic life-energy, which He has used to do His work, is locked within the human race, chained by the human manifestations of evil, the seeds of which He sowed, and the cataclysmic harvest of which He must reap.

5 He is shackled, and only the Spirit of Christ, embodied in us, can release Him, by taking unto ourselves the forces of evil, and destroying them through knowledge and love of one another. Then and only then can the ill-fated race of humanity itself be destroyed, and the energy invested in its creation be returned to the Unity of GOD.

6 But to need humanity's approval is to play humanity's game. We must enact the negative aspects in order to recognise and destroy them, but we must not indulge in them blindly. We must follow the human path with our enactments and with our eyes, but we must not wander down it with our eyes closed and our feet dragging in the mud.

7 Humanity's game is one of seeking validation, demanding love, grasping for approval, all on a human level. And the result is mutual invalidation, hatred and disapproval. Men begin by seeking one another's love, and end by hating one another.

8 But in the Garden, even during the most human of enactments, the only meaningful love is the Love of GOD and the Love of Christ. It overrides every other concept. And as long as it is always there before us, a part of us, enveloping us in Its aura, we cannot ultimately fail. We can only seem to fail, pretend to fail and punish ourselves with a sense of fail- ure. That is the nature of Purgatory.

9 Remember that choice is gone. The time of sin is past; the time of retribution is now. But we must seem still to choose, so that we can seem to fail, so that we can play our Part in the repayment of the debt of suffering.

lO Feel the pain of now; it is for Christ that you carry the bur- den of it, whether mental or physical, and it is towards His Salvation that you feel it. But know the basic safety of His Love, which is given to all that seek to serve His GOD. For that is timeless and unchanging.

So be it.



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