THE PROCESS OMEGA CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT Tuesday 11 August 1970 revised September 1973

Brethren, As it is,

1. 1 One of the prime functions of The Process is to heal.

2 Everyone who comes within the aura of The Process, or of Processeans, open and willing to receive what we have to give, is healed, to some extent and on some level, by the experience.

3 The words of The Process can heal. The projections, the attitudes, the atmosphere and the activities of The Process can heal. They can heal spiritually, mentally and physically. They can lift the soul, the mind or the body out of its suffering.

4 But however it is done, and on whatever level it manifests, the basis of all our healing is the same; the lifting of guilt.

5 Christ made no differentiation between healing and the forgiveness of sins. 'The first,' He said, 'simply stems from the second'.

6 If a man's sins are forgiven, his guilt is removed. If his guilt is removed, he no longer feels the need to punish himself. If he no longer needs to punish himself, he has no cause to suffer. If he has no cause to suffer, he ceases to suffer. Therefore he is healed.

7 'Forgiveness of sins' is one way of expressing it. Another is 'validation'.

8 Guilt stems from a sense of failure, which means a sense of invalidity. People punish themselves because they feel invalid. This is what is meant by 'sin'. Because of what he does and what he is, what he fails to do and what he fails to be, the way he reacts and the way he behaves, a person feels invalid.

9 The healer validates. He makes the person feel valid instead of invalid.

10 Validation is not a matter simply of saying or doing something. It is the creation of an effect. Whatever we say or do to a person, if he does not FEEL validated or manifest feeling validated, there is no validation. Validation is not a matter of mere words or even deeds, but of EFFECTS. If there is a swing of the pendulum, on any level, spiritual, mental or physical, from negative towards positive, from dissatisfaction towards satisfaction, from pain towards joy, from a 'bad' feeling towards a 'good' feeling, then that is validation. And that is the basis of healing.

11 Sometimes the pendulum has to swing deeper into the negative, before it can move towards the positive. Sometimes there has to be more pain before there can be the beginnings of joy, more 'bad' feeling before rising towards 'good' feeling. This too is healing, as long as the effect is carried through and not left at the negative extreme. The eventual rise to positivity is already inherent in the initial negative direction. Therefore it is validation, because that is the ultimate and overall effect.

2. 1 The effect of validation is created through contact. And whatever form that contact takes, whether words or touch or simply projection, the two basic requirements on the part of the healer are acceptance and penetration.

2 Acceptance establishes the validation itself; the positive nature of the contact; the love, and the spirit of giving. When a healer desires to heal someone, he must have an acceptance of who and what that person is, an acceptance of his suffering, and an acceptance of his own capa- bility of channelling the necessary power to lift that suffering, given a positive and receptive response to his efforts.

3 If there is blame, either of the person he intends to heal, or of the sickness, or of the source of the sickness, or of himself, there is no acceptance, and there can be no healing. If there is fear, or horror, or disgust, or non comprehension, or rejection, there is no acceptance, and there can be no healing.

4 A compulsive need to heal, for whatever motive; either a need to prove himself, or to impress someone, or to salve his conscience, or some similar demand on self; also blocks a potential healer's channels. Therefore an acceptance of the fact that ultimately the decision of whether or not the healing is effective is not his, and that if it is not to be, there need be no sense of failure or loss of face, is also essential to the healer. Acceptance of his limitations is as vital to the healer as acceptance of his capabilities.

5 Penetration establishes the depth of the contact. And for healing, contact must be deep in order to reach the sense of invalidity and invert it. The person being healed must feel that the healer can see into the murky depths of his 'invalid' being, and YET validates him.

6 If someone feels that the healer cannot possibly know the full extent of the 'sin' for which he is punishing himself, however positive the contact is, it cannot heal. The validation is rejected, because it is not believed.

7 The healer must KNOW the extent of the sense of failure which a person feels, even better than he knows it himself if possible, and the person must know that he knows it. Again words are not necessary; projections can be enough.

8 Because it is the closest and the most intense form of contact, touch is a powerful means of conveying both acceptance and penetration; which is why 'laying on of hands' is so frequently used as a form of healing. It is also the reason why sexual contact, whilst being the most effective means of harming and destroying, also has the greatest potential for healing. There can be such deep and positive validation in sexual con- tact, just as there can be such profound INvalidation when it is used destructively.

3. 1 On the side of the person being healed, the one essential requirement is response. This is his responsibility, and thereby establishes the fact that really he heals himself through his response to the contact and the validation offered to him.

2 The healer can send out the most accepting and penetrating positive projections; he can use every means at his disposal calculated to create the effect of validation. But if the person towards whom he directs such contact, is unwilling to receive the effect; if he rejects the contact and the validation for any reason and in any way, then he retains his sense of invalidity, therefore his guilt, there- fore his need to punish himself, therefore his suffering. No healing can take place.

3 That is the nature of the Game. Something is required from both sides in order to produce a positive outcome. The healer must validate deep enough to reach the source of the sense of invalidity. The person being healed must accept the validation and respond to it. If there is either an unwillingness to validate on one side, or a reluctance to receive validation on the other, no healing takes place. Remember this when you set out to heal.

4. 1 Sometimes a healer takes the suffering which he has lifted from a person upon himself. The person is relieved, but the healer becomes burdened as a result.

2 This happens frequently, and tragically, amongst psychiatrists. It is no coincidence that psychiatrists have an abnormally high rate of suicide in their profession. They take on the problems and the burdens and the neuroses of their patients.

3 Here's an exception - though not a true exception, because of its negative results - to the rule that a compulsive need to heal leads to no healing. People who feel compulsively responsible for other people's suffering, and set themselves the expiation of removing it, have the power to heal in this way.

4 But they cannot reverse the sense of invalidity itself; they cannot truly validate. Because they themselves FEEL the sense of invalidity. But they feel it belongs to THEM rather than the person who is actually carrying it. They feel responsible not only for their own 'sin', but for other people's as well. They agree with a person that he is invalid, but they insist that the invalidity is not his fault but theirs.

5 They lift the guilt, not by lifting the sense of failure, but by lifting the sense of responsibility for the failure and taking it upon them- selves. The person continues to feel invalid, but he no longer feels that it is his fault. Therefore he can stop punishing himself. Mean- while the healer takes the guilt upon hlmself, and thereby adds to his own self-punishment, and therefore his own suffering.

6 This is an Old Game form of healing. It is not invalid. It requires a high level of responsibility, and a scope far beyond the narrow confines of self. It is a particularly Jehovian form of healing; a powerful and high level form of expiation, which is by no means wasted or worthless.

7 But it is not required in the healing of the New Game.

8 One basic tenet of the NewáGame, is the ability to recognise and accept the positive aspect of all negative manifestations. When we first began to give recognition to the whole concept of burden-carrying, we sowed the seeds of this ability. Now we have, within The Process, a deep and powerful awareness of the fundamental positivity of even the most negative apparency.

9 This awareness is an essential factor in healing in the New Game. It means that we can penetrate deep down to a person's most abject and desolate sense of invalidity, and SEE ITS POSITIVE ASPECT, and therefore its true validity. It means we can channel the basic Justification of all evil; not a man-created justification laid above the sense of sin to conceal or suppress it, but the GOD-created Justification which underlies all existence, both positive and negative.

10 We have cleared away the candles in hell, and experienced the darkness of the total negativity of the human game. We have felt every part of it; known it, owned it and accepted it. Now we can see the True Light beyond the darkness, and that is the source of the Divine Justification, which makes all things ultimately good.

11 And because we can see that Light, we can truly validate what in human terms seems completely invalid. We can give light where there is only darkness. We can create a sense of positivity where only a sense of negativity exists.

12 THAT is the 'forgiveness of sins', because it eliminates instead of only transferring the sense of invalidity. And that is the healing which those of us who are required to do so, shall channel in the New Game.

5. 1 But not every sick person will be ready to be healed in this way. Not everyone will accept the validation.

2 For example, someone who is in a state of blame for his sickness; because he is already resisting the effects of his own self-punishment, he holds it in place by that resistance, against any effort from out- side to help him to remove it.

3 Although a person may not realise that by being sick he is punishing himself for his failures to meet his own standards of action and behaviour, he can nevertheless accept his sickness without blaming it on external forces outside his control, either natural or super- natural; without bewailing his lot, without resenting those who are healthy, without feeling that he has been wronged or treated unfairly. He can accept his sickness as his due, or as 'the luck of the game', or as divine punishment, or as a test of his endurance, or simply as a normal hazard of existence; anything which does not involve blame. Then, as long as he believes, consciously or unconsciously, that he can be healed, he can be healed.

4 But a person must be free of blame before he can be free of sickness, just as a healer must be free of blame before he can heal.

5 That is why a challenge, for example, is not a good basis on which to attempt healing. Someone who challenges a healer to heal him, does so from a standpoint of rejection, which stems from blame. The healer can then only heal effectively, by first penetrating the rejection, so that the challenge is withdrawn and the arrogance replaced by humility, and THEN validating. The person realises from this that the healer is aware of the negativity from which the arrogance and the challenge and the rejection stem, can see through it, and yet is willing to give contact and validation. Whereas if a challenge is simply MET, in order to prove something on a personal level, there is no validation on either side, and therefore no healing can take place.

6 Blame itself is a form of sickness, and if a person can first be healed of blame, then he can be healed of his other ailments.

7 Faith is required in the form of knowledge, conscious or unconscious, that he can be healed, and that if it is the right time, he WILL be healed. Just as faith is required by the healer; not a conviction that he will invariably succeed in his attempts to heal, but a confidence that as long as he is himself an open channel, and free of ulterior personal motives, then he will channel the power of healing effectively, whenever and wherever he is required to do so.

8 Faith of this kind is not a blind belief in unfailing success, but an innate knowledge of the fundamental rightness of all thinqs, whether positive or negative; a basic confidence in the ultimate fulfilment of all existence. When we have that, we can become direct channels for the most powerful forces of all. And the power of true healing is one of those forces.

9 If we have such faith, then we are in tune with the most profound forces of validation, which means we are in tune with Life in its most fundamental form. Therefore we can channel validation and life, whenever and wherever it is needed. We can heal.

So be it.



THE PROCESS Friday 27 October 1972


Brethren, As it is,

Several months ago the signs dictated that we move from Canada to the U.S. - California to be precise. The information was that our first job in California was to tackle the patterns in combination.

This meant not simply looking at Jehovians or Luciferians or Satanists or Christians in isolation, but looking at Jehovian Christians, Jehovian Satanists, Luciferian Christians and Luciferian satanists. Because it appears - and logically so - that everyone has both a predominant in-the-mind pattern and a predominant out-of-the-mind pattern.

So, the patterns in combination came under the spotlight, with all Processeans, both in our immediate environment and in Chapters, enacting their particular combinations to the hilt, so that all that HAD to be seen COULD be seen. I know that the pressure on many of you during that period was intense, but as you know from past experience, when the rewards come they more than make up for the pain we have borne.

The knowledge and insights we were given into the patterns, and the more negative compulsions that were broken around them, will all be written down eventually, although the initial benefits are already with all of us.

But - and more imnediately - the original information in Canada also said that the second reason for our trip to California was to receive the healing power, which would be given to us there.

Why California?

Who knows? We could speculate, but we don't know. Perhaps one day we will. Although it doesn't matter, because if we demanded to know why we have to do what we have to do, or go where we have to go, we would all be non-starters.

The IMPORTANCE was that we had to go to California to tackle the patterns in combination and to receive for The Process the healing power.

Well, the evidence, although it's early days yet, strongly suggests that we have done both.

The necessity for tackling the patterns becomes clear when we see that the healing power, the magic, the electricity, lies with the out-of-the-mind patterns; with Christ and with Satan, with the Christian and with the Satanist.

But the Sons are the Sons of the Fathers, and without the backing and support of the Fathers, can do little or nothing to express Their power constructively. While there is any conflict between the Sons and the Fathers the power is limited.

And conflict has been there, down through time. The average Christian sees Jehovah and the Jehovians as ogres - ruthless, domineering and barbaric; something against which the world must be protected. He feels much more at home with Lucifer and the Luciferians, with whose image of sweetness and light he can identify.

The average Jehovian sees Christ and the Christians as weak-kneed milk-sops, being victims, protecting victims, accepting and turning the other cheek when they should be putting the boot in. He much prefers Satan and the Satanists who are both able and willing to meet and match his aggression rather than making him guilty of it.

The average Luciferian sees Satan and the Satanists as beyond the pale, lacking in ideals, dishonest, low level and cunning; something with which he would prefer not to associate. He chooses to associate much more with Christ and the Christians, who won't challenge his image or bring out what's behind it.

The average Satanist has difficulty comprehending Lucifer and the Luciferians. There's so little there with which he can identify, and so much with which he can't. He usually feels more at home with Jehovah and the Jehovians, whom he CAN understand and with whom he CAN identify, and who allow him to be much more himself.

Those are just some of the most obvious examples of conflicts between the Fathers and the Sons; the conflicts that restrict the God power, as it manifests in the world.

And as above so below. The more we ourselves are in conflict, either within or with one another, the more introverted we are into our own personal problems or relationships, the less powerful or magnetic or expansive we are in our outward effects.

So we started with the patterns, and midway, when we saw that progress was being made, we took a look at some healers, both live and on film.

The most outstanding by far is Kathryn Kuhlman; known in the U.S. as "the greatest healer since Christ." Her pattern is Luciferian Satanic, and the keynote of her 'miracle services', held in packed auditoriums all over the country, is DRAMA. Laughing, crying, dancing, singing, wailing, moaning, preaching - and healing. People are healed wherever they happen to be sitting or standing or lying in that auditorium.

Her performance is stupendous; apparently spontaneous, but in fact highly - and brilliantly - calculated over twenty odd years of trial and error and hard hard work of finding out what is the best method for HER to channel the power that comes through her.

She is magnetic and hypnotic, and looks quite off her head a good deal of the time!

And her effects?

The blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk. She channels a power that heals goiters, cures cancers and can bring the dying back to life.

A spectacular Satanic performance, backed to the hilt by Lucifer, and showing us something of what is possible when these two work in unison.

The only other healer of equal magnitude to Kathryn Kuhlman seems to be Harry Edwards, the Englishman, who is known in Britain as - yes - "the greatest healer since Christ."

But although the magnitude of the power that comes through them both is equal, the EXPRESSION of that power puts them at opposite ends of the Universe.

Harry Edwards's pattern is Jehovian Christian. So that what he expresses as a healer is the Christ power, again backed up by Jehovah, and creating effects that leave people gasping in wonderment.

A few of us watched him several years ago in a standing-room-only session at the enormous Albert Hall in London England.

His keynote is serenity; nothing explosive or exhibitionistic about his performance. He's an irrmensely dignified man, a quiet powerful presence that somehow manages to encompass a vast auditorium like the Albert Hall.

Although he talks very quietly, he projects strength and intensity. He has a compassion that makes people feel very safe in his presence.

And of course he's magnetic, and rivets everyone's attention on him. You could hear a pin drop in that hall. It felt sometimes as though the entire assembly was collectively holding its breath, waiting for his next miracle.

Again his technique is different from Kuhlman's. People are brought to him individually. If they can make it up to platform under their own steam, fine. If they're too crippled or too sick or too weak, they are brought to him, and he heals them one by one by one.

So, two of the greatest healers in the world today, spanning the universe of healing from end to end. So very different, channelling power from two such different sources, and yet producing exactly the same effects; making sick suffering people whole again, and not simply by healing their bodies, because much more than that seems to happen. The spirit and the soul are also touched, so that the being begins to know GOD again.

The Kuhlmans and the Edwards's are in the world at this time to show anybody who cares to know it, that GOD is not dead. And they're here to show US something of what is possible when the patterns work together, in cooperation, instead of striving against one another in conflict.

They're here to show us the level of healing that we must first of all strive towards, and then go beyond. Because neither Harry Edwards nor Kathryn Kuhlman is given the capacity to heal everyone who comes to them to be healed. They can only do what they are given the magic to do at any point in time. But the prophecies for The Process indicate that one day we will go beyond this limitation placed on them.

But remember, we shall only be given as much power as we can take responsibility for at any given moment. And responsibility in those terms means good intentions, positive intentions towards everything - as opposed to negative intentions towards anything.

It means being in control of negativity as opposed to in any way being controlled BY negativity, in thoughts, attitudes, feelings, ideas, ideals and decisions.

But that very fine state of affairs being a little way in the future, let us begin with where we are now, and with what we've been given now.

To start with, The Process is not about to book auditoriums in all major cities, and announce to the world that PROCESSEANS are the greatest healers since Christ. Nor will we in any way leave ourselves open to failure by telling people that we're going to heal them.

Instead, let's simply do more precisely what we've been doing all along, but using with precision the added power we've been given.

We all know that Processeans are healers. So many people are being healed by The Process all the time. But it all just 'sort of happens'. NOW, let us direct it.

The healing POWER is nothing more nor less than AN ELECTRICAL FORCE. It can work at any distance. It can work very immediately by the laying on of hands. It can work simply by being within the sick person's electrical force field. It can work on someone in the next room, three blocks away, thirty miles away, or with people on the other side of the world.

Physically, this electrical energy is no different from the power generated by a small battery or a generator or a massive condensor or a thunderstorm. But its source, and the mysterious way in which it manifests, is beyond the understanding of any scientist.

It's the same power as the power of prayer, which goes out on its own astral wavelength from the healer, who is 'plugged in' to the source, and is received by the sick person. At that point the healing, whether of mind, body or soul, can begin. Sometimes it's instantaneous - when the power 'hits' the person and produces extreme reactions like keeling over, getting very hot and shaking like a leaf, or wanting to jump up and down and sing and dance.

Guess who's power THAT is in action!

The usual reactions to instant healing with the CHRIST power are much softer, with gentle weeping, a faraway look in the eye, arms upraised to heaven praising the Lord and an instant religious mission to convert the world!

But often healing BEGINS with the first contact, whether by laying on of hands, by prayer, or by any of the techniques between these two extremes. The power, instead of 'hitting', SEEPS through to the being, and begins its healing work, taking days or weeks or even months, depending on the speed of the seepage, to complete it. But, with the initial contact, the healing has BEGUN.

Now all of us will have our own built in variations on the healing theme. Some of us will work best by touching, others by not touching, some by being in the immediate aura of the person, some not. Some will work best in large auditoriums, some in small intimate groups, some individually.

Our own instincts will guide us towards what are the most effective techniques for us, as with time and progress we become more aware of ourselves as channels for the power.

But whichever method is most effective for each of us individually, all of us can begin with healing prayer. And start all healing or healing sessions, whether of an individual, a series of individuals, or of a group, or a series of groups, by 'plugging in' to the source.

This means saying either silently or aloud, depending on the appropriateness of the circumstances: "Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan, Christ, in Your Names and by Your Grace, let the burdens of sickness and negativity be lifted from X (name the person or creature or group), and let the blessings of good health and positivity be his (hers or theirs)."

Learn this invocation to the Gods, so that you can repeat it unthinkingly. Don't use it aloud publicly with non-Processeans. Keep it as a purely Process link with our sources.

And use it at any time and in any situation. The Gods are always there for us whenever we need Them, as we are always there for Them whenever They need us.

Also remember, don't wait until people are falling down sick before healing them. Misery, depression, negativity and fear are sicknesses just as surely as diabetes, polio, epilepsy or cancer. And send out a constant stream of thanks and validation for Their response to our prayers, as well as specific expressions of appreciation when particular healings take place.

It's not necessary that the people we heal should know consciously where the healing is coming from. They WILL know on the level that is important; the level that knows GOD, and in which faith resides. And everyone has faith and knows GOD on SOME level, regardless of what he may profess outwardly.

So begin Healing, consciously and methodically. I know that some of you HAVE been healing in those terms just lately, sensing the arrival of this message - and just to show how good you pick-up is! (We can't keep much from you, can we?) And have you noticed how POWERFUL even your positivities have been lately?

For those of you with a strong instinct to lay on hands, do so. But, unless you are very confident that the time is right and that you're being guided, don't get across: "I am healing you" or even "They are healing you through me". Instead, invoke the Gods silently, touch the person and say: "You will get well". If they want to know how you know this, simply say something like, "I feel it strongly. I just know it." or "The knowledge has been given to me." Always say these things with quiet conviction, looking directly into the person's eyes, which will strengthen the electrical force and the positive suggestion you are putting into the being.

And something else, always validate the medical profession in all its various branches. Validate ALL healers and types of healing and efforts to heal. For unless we do, our own healing will be invalidated and invalid.

On the other hand, never accept the prognosis that someone's disease is terminal or incurable or that he is 'beyond hope'. These are medical labels, and many branches of the medical profession depend solely on pills, drugs, potions, lotions and surgery. That is a limitation.

Channelling the healing power direct, we are subject to no such limitation. With medicine certain things are possible. 'With GOD all things are possible'.

So begin to heal in the Names of the Gods. And remember, as you heal so shall you be healed.

So be it.



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