THE PROCESS Sunday 14th November 1971


Brethren, As it is,

1. 1 Now that everyone has had time to absorb and assimilate the new God pattern information, it feels like the right moment to nip in the bud any tendencies to set up 'encampments' and prepare either for offensive or defensive operations!

2 Aha! a few reflexes there. (And before anyone says: "Oh yes, that applies particularly to the .....s!" let me warn you that that is the quickest way of pinning the label on your own pattern!)

3 So, a few gentle reminders.

4 One: The negativity which each one of us carries - whatever God pattern it belongs to - is carried as a burden in service to the requirements of the Game.

5 Two: When it comes to positivity and negativity, there is nothing to choose between the God patterns. If Luciferians were quote worse unquote than Jehovians or vice versa, there would be no balance in the Game. If Christians were quote more virtuous un- quote than Snerps or vice versa, there could be no unity. And if a predominantly mind function (Jehovah/Lucifer) was quote superior unquote to a predominantly ex-mind function (Christ/Satan) or vice versa, there would be no way out of the mind.

6 Three: When it comes to mind patterns, whatever we are without, we are the precise opposite within. That's what we mean when we talk about images and cores. But this is NOT an opposition of positive and negative, good lying behind evil or vice versa. This is a polarity of PATTERNS.

7 The opposition of positive and negative is a polarity of potentials. The Jehovian, for example, has the capacity, the POTENTIAL, to be loyal, dedicated, determined and courageous at the positive end of the scale, and to be cruel, arrogant, self-righteous and blameful at the negative end of the scale. He is not one of these out- wardly and the other inwardly at the same moment in time. That would be an anachronism. He may move up and down the scale; negative one day and positive the next, or even negative one MOMENT and positive the next. The potential includes a full range of unconscious emotional attitudes both positive and negative, and a horde of compulsive agreements both positive and negative. But all of these can only be ENACTED one level at a time.

8 The POTENTIAL for both ends - and everything in between - is there all the time, but not the manifestation. Basically we all have the POTENTIAL for both good and bad at all times, but we can only MANIFEST ONE point on the scale at any given moment.

9 That is our polarity of potential. Our polarity of manifestation is one pattern within, together with its opposite without. NOT positive and negative opposites, but PATTERN opposites, BOTH at the same point on the scale.

10 We have described the two ends of the Jehovian scale. The two ends of the Luciferian scale are love, gentleness, warmth and kind- ness at the positive end, slothe, sentimentality, victimishness and futility at the negative end. Again the potential exists for both ends all the time, but only one point on the scale can actually manifest at one time.

11 NOW we can begin to look at the core and image polarity; the polarity of manifestation.

12 The Jehovian - meaning the Jehovian personality - has a Jehovian image. At the positive end of his scale that means he manifests outwardly qualities of loyalty, dedication, determination and courage. At the same time, inwardly, he manifests the positive end of the Luciferian scale. Behind the Jehovian image lies a core of love, gentleness, warmth and kindness. Come close to a Jehovian on his top levels and that's what you will find. There is no dichotomy. Both image and core are real. One is the outer reality, the other is the inner reality. And the overall state is a very good state to be in.

13 But now watch the Jehovian move down the scale to the negative end. His personality - his image - becomes cruel, arrogant, self-righteous and blameful. Come close to him then and get behind the image, and you will find a Luciferian core, but equivalently low on the scale; slothe, sentimentality, victimishness and futility.

14 But here there IS a dichotomy, because at the negative end of the scale core and image, instead of forming a complementary balance, create a grating conflict. The outer viciousness and the inner softness don't go together like outer strength and inner warmth, which is what we found at the top end. [ Graphic ]

15 At the top end core and image are together? At the bottom they are apart, which leaves room for the ever-ready 'garbage' to fill up the image and wrap itself around the core!

16 At the top end the image expresses the core with reality. Out- ward strength is a true expression inward love. At the bottom end the image is used to CONCEAL the core. A facade of ruthless cruelty conceals an inner reality of sentimental helplessness.

17 Now see the Luciferian personality from the same point of view.

18 At the top a Luciferian image of love, gentleness, warmth and kind- ness. Get close and you find a Jehovian core of loyalty, dedi- cation, determination and courage. Watch him slide down the scale and become outwardly slotheful, sentimental, victimish and futile. Get behind that image and you will find a negative Jehovian core of cruelty, arrogance, self-righteousness and blame.

19 Again at the top end the image of love expresses with reality a core of strength. While at the bottom end a facade of helpless pliability conceals a core of vicious cruelty.

20 Briefly, the high level Jehovian pattern has a core of Luciferian love; the low level Luciferian pattern has a core of Jehovian hatred. But take the Jehovian pattern down to its lowest level and you find a core of Luciferian 'mush', and take the Luciferian pattern up to its highest levels and you find a core of strength.

21 There may be something to be said for being 'up' as opposed to 'down', But let's once and for all see clearly that there is nothing basically to choose between being Jehovian and being Luciferian.


2. 1 What we are concerned with here are the inner and outer realities of the mind only. But of course the basic Satanic soul core is there also, in both the Jehovian and the Luciferian patterns. The difference is that when the soul and the image of the soul are BOTH on the inside (the Luiciferian pattern), the inside is in total opposition - whether complementary. or conflicting - to the outside. Therefore the rejection or separation aspect of the soul is in operation. Hence, on its lower levels the core is a core of hatred. [ Graphic ]

2 On the other hand, when the image of the soul is on the OUTSIDE, and the image of the BODY is on the inside (the Jehovian pattern) there is no such simple separation point within the mind. The affinity between soul and image of soul, and between body and image of body draw the whole structure together. Therefore the acceptance aspect of the soul is in operation. Hence, on its higher levels the core is a core of love.' [ Graphic ]

3 These two diagrams also provide an excellent illustration of how the Luciferian tends towards isolation (no contact) on his lower levels, whilst the Jehovian tends toward conflict (negative contact) on his lower levels,

3. 1 Four: One other point before we move on to ex-mind prejudices. When we walk we keep putting one foot in front of the other. At any given moment, is the foot which is behind inferior to the foot which is in front?

2 In The Process we progress through the mind game step by step; first the Jehovians, then the Luciferians, then the Jehovians, then the Luciferians, then the Jehovians, then the Luciferians, etc. etc. etc.

3 To progress, one side always has to go forward, whilst the other remains fixed in order to maintain stability. Then the first side remains fixed whilst the other catches up and moves even further forward. That's how the Game is played, but we must be careful not to use a difference in level at any given moment to negate the side which is behind. Although we can't seriously stem the overall progress, the Universal Law is liable to catch us when it's OUR turn to halt and give stability whilst the other side moves on!

4. 1 Five: Now the mind polarity of Jehovah and Lucifer is one thing. The ex-mind polarity of Christ and Satan is quite another. There are distinct parallels. Again neither is basically better nor worse than the other. It's not a matter of images and cores: Christian outside and Snerp inside and vice versa. A Christian is a Christian and a Snerp is a Snerp. But there is a positive end and a negative end of both patterns.

2 When we are dealing with the mind we are dealing with personality, character, nature, state of mind, attitude, etc. Therefore that is how we describe mind patterns. We describe them in terms of characteristics; love, loyalty, cruelty, slothe, etc. But when we are outside the mind we are dealing with intention, action, function. Therefore that's how we describe ex-mind patterns.

3 Christians are unifiers. Their function is to bring together, to unite, to reconcile, to balance, to harmonise, to equalise. At the top end of their scale they do this clearly, precisely, RELEVANTLY, and successfully. They bring together what is apart but ready to be brought together. They eliminate conflict and alienation. At the bottom end of the scale, they try - unsuccess- fully - to cram together what cannot co-exist. They unify with no discrimination. They try to fit pieces into places where they don't belong. They would try to bring the North poles of two magnets together. They would try to put all the wrong pieces together in a jigsaw puzzle. They would connect up the wrong wires in an electrical circuit. The consequence is that they become 'victims of circumstance'; helpless, weak and ineffectual martyrs to the cause.

4 Snerps are separators. Their function is to divide, to different- iate, to categorise, to judge polarity, to be aware of dichotomy, to recognise and to indicate natural separation. At the top end of their scale they take apart what has been wrongly or ineptly put together - perhaps by a Christian at the bottom end! - they clarify differences, they separate grey into black and white, they divide whatever contains a natural division, they illustrate existing alienations, they throw dichotomies into relief, they dis- entangle confusions. At the bottom end of the scale, they divide what should be united. They separate with no discrimination. They create conflict where there is none. They split apart what is growing together. They alienate what is in contact. They divide everything, particularly what has no natural division. They would scatter the parts of a completed jigsaw on the ground. They would pull all the wires out of an electrical circuit. The consequence is conflict, alienation, strife, struggle, confusion and chaos. And by the Universal Law, they end up split apart themselves.

5 So, again, when it comes to criteria of 'good' and 'bad', there is nothing to choose between Snerps and Christians. Each can perform either a positive or a negative function.

6 And between mind and ex-mind there is also nothing to choose. We can be loving or loyal , and we can separate or unify constructively. Or we can be cruel or victimish, and split apart or cram together indiscriminately. What matters is first what our function is, and second what proportion of burdens and blessings we carry at any stage of the Game.

7 At the top end Jehovians and Luciferians can work together in harmony, because love and warmth can complement strength and deter- mination. At the bottom and they conflict, inevitably, because cruelty cannot see eye to eye with victimishness, and vice versa.

8 And at the top end Christians and Snerps can work together in harmony, because what has been entangled and confused must be separated before it can be united. At the bottom end they conflict, because indiscriminate separation cannot agree with indiscriminate unification, and vice versa.

9 And at the top end all four patterns can work together. The qualities of love and strength used for the activities of separation and sub- sequent unification. At the bottom end --- well.

5. 1 Well we have separated. We have divided. Clearly, concisely and relevantly, we have separated all the patterns. That was a high level Snerp activity. Now, let's begin to unify, to harmonise and balance, on the highest levels we can reach at any given moment, the separate patterns which we can see so clearly.

So be it.

[ Signature -- Robert ]



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