1 What is the next move?

To separate the whole from the dead parts.

2 What is the whole?

The Unity of Xtul.

3 And what are the dead parts?

The sense of failure. Separate from the sense of

failure. Where there is a sense of failure there

can be no movement. *1

4 How does the Unity of Xtul separate from the sense of failure?

By knowing its true function and fulfilling it.

5 What is the true function of the Unity of Xtul?

To establish a new code.

6 What is the new code?


7 But haven't we done that?

No. Only a parody of it.

8 Tell me about Love.

Love is total knowledge. The only block to love is


9 What have we been doing up to now?

Discovering your ignorance. You must know the

extent of your ignorance before you can absorb


10 How can we discover our ignorance?

By recognising the full extent of your sense of failure,

which is the mark of ignorance.

11 How then can we obtain knowledge?

By wanting to know. *2

12 Is there anything to be done on a conscious level?

Yes. Stimulate the conscious mind and the body.

Maintain a permanent state of conscious relaxation.

13 How do we do that?

Separate the conscious from the unconscious. Do not

apply the same rules to both. They are the inverse

of one another. At this stage the only function of

conscious activity is stimulation and relaxation.

14 But is that possible when there is unconscious conflict?

By the conscious separation of the two. Just as

beings have one choice only with regard to GOD, to

include or to exclude, so they have one choice only

with regard to unconsciousness, to identify or to

detach, to be submerged or to separate. With GOD

the valid choice is to include. With unconscicusness

the valid choice is the inversion, to exclude, to


15 Why is this?

Because whereas GOD is truth and acceptance, uncon-

sciousness is lies and rejection. It is motivated

by conflict and responsibility, both of which are

rejections of tne truth.

16 How has this come about?

Through the exclusion of GOD. All doing, thinking

and feeling which are motivated by unconscious press-

ure are produced in order to fill the gap left by the

exclusion of GOD, hence their invalidity.

17 What is valid then?

Being. The only choice which is not motivated by

unconscious conflict, is the choice of inclusion or

exclusion of the unconscious. If the unconscious

is deliberately and consciously excluded, then all

doing, thinking and feeling become valid. Exclude

the unconscious and replace it with GOD.

18 How do we exclude unconsciousness?

How do you include GOD?

19 By recognising Him.

Apply the same method. Recognise the full nature of

unconsciousness and then exclude it.

Where you have gone wrong is in imagining that the

end product of recognising unconsciousness is to be

able to include it, identify with it validly as

opposed to invalidly. You cannot in any circum-

stances validly identify with unconsciousness until it

ceases to have any power.

Power for good does not come from unconsciousness, it

comes through the emptiness left by the exclusion of

unconsciousness. When unconsciousness has been com-

pletely excluded, GOD can be included. Concepts such

as responsibility and choice, right and wrong, good

and evil, construction and destruction, cease to have

any meaning because they are creations of unconscious

ness. The power of GOD, the Will of GOD and a true

knowledge of GOD, fill the entire consciousness.

What is invalid about unconsciousness is not the dest-

ruction or rejection or invalidation or even the death

motivation within it. It is the conflict between two

forces. Unconsciousness is conflict. That is its


To presume to know right from wrong is an exclusion of


To presume to know your spiritual responsibilities is

an exclusion of GOD.

To make efforts to create rather than destroy is an

exclusion of GOD.

Detach from the entire conflict and be. Then act

according to the physical, mental and emotional needs

of your environment.

Detach and ask. *3

20 What about fulfilling the responsibilities we have demanded?

They are on a purely physical level. Fulfil them,

but do not presume responsibilities on a spiritual

level. Do not presume the responsibility of spirit-

ual progress. That is to plough yourselves deeper

into conflict and a sense of failure.

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