1 How do we tackle a 'xtummer'? *7

Don't. Let him xtum. Xtumming is not a physical

inconvenience, but a spiritual one. Validate or

invalidate on a purely spiritual basis. Don't put

yourself in a position to be inconvenienced on a

spiritual level. I.e. Don't expect spiritual con-

tribution from a xtummer.

2 What about failure to validate on a spiritual level?

The same. Ignore it. It is irrelevant unless you

choose to make it matter. If you choose this, you

are including the unconscious and lts compulsive

sense of responsibility.

If you want validation, look for a level on which you

know you will receive it. Expect from people what

they give; no more, no less. The introduction of a

common level of requirement in the areas of validation

and stimulation and contribution, is doomed to failure.

It stems from the responsibilities of unconsciousness.

3 How's that?

It presupposes fairness and equal distribution in

those areas.

Where response is given on a spiritual level, expect

no more; regard it as a bonus.

Human beings, incidentally, find it almost impossible

to respond on a physical level to what they receive

on a spiritual level. The level of response may well

in fact manifest on an inversion.

4 Is the response conscious or primarily unconscious?

Both. But remember here that the conflict is not

between the two sides of unconsciousness, both of

which reject any truth outside the bounds of human

responsibility, but between the spark of true conscious

awareness, of which little remains unsubmerged, and the

entire structure of the unconscious.

The spark inevitably validates; the unconscious in-

evitably invalidates: and on a conscious level, two

opposing armies, one of death dressed in black and

another of death dressed in synthetic white, join

forces against a minute stronghold of life.

5 What do we do with those who won't even validate or contribute

on a physical level?

They will. Demand nothing of them on a spiritual

level and they will contribute and validate on a

physical level.

6 Why do some validate on a spiritual level and others not?

They very seldom do. When they do, it is either

because the structure of the unconscious feels itself

so secure that it can afford to concede a victory to

the spark of life, or because they can fit the

spiritual experience or information without difficulty

into one side or other of the unconscious structure.

In fact what generally happens and has happened all

through the ages, is that any real revelation of the

truth, where the spark of life has defeated the armies

of death, the armies have subsequently rallied, stolen

the truth and distorted it to fit the highly adaptable

and accommodating structure of the unconscious, thus

ensuring that should the truth ever appear again, the

structure will be suited to absorbing it in its own

terms. Rationalisation is a part of this process.

The purpose of the unconscious is to fill the cons-

ciousness in order to maintain the exclusion of GOD,

and it requires the involvement of the consciousness

in order to perform the function. If the conscious-

ness detaches knowingly from the unconscious, the

armies will starve of disuse and purposelessness.

The essence of all existence is purpose. Without

purpose nothing can live.

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