1 How can we maintain the Unity of Xtul?

By solidification of the purpose.

2 What does that mean?

It means putting into effect the information I have

given you.

Purpose, by the way, is not something that you hope

or intend to achieve in the future, if and when, but

something you are doing here and now. At present

you have no purpose because what you are doing is try-

ing to strike a compromise between maintaining the

physical and aspiring to the spiritual. Aspiration

is not purpose; it is a part of unconscious motiva-

tion that negates purpose. *10

Solidify your purpose by action along the lines of

separation of the physical and spiritual. Maintain

the physical with responsibility. Responsibility

belongs to the physical, so give it to the physical.

Allow GOD to look after the spiritual. Impose no

must, ought or should on that level. The spiritual

belongs to GOD; give it to GOD.

By these means you maintain the Unity of Xtul.

3 What don't we know about physical responsibility?

Nothing. You have demanded it, and been given it

together with all the knowledge that goes with it.

The end product of it is peace, love, relaxation,

harmony, stimulation, satisfaction, and well-being

on a physical, mental and emotional level. Achieve

that as a group, and you are in a state of fulfil-

ment of physical responsibility.

Then and only then will you rise above it and cease

to care on a physical level. When this happens you

have achieved the threshold of spirituality. At

present you are reaching for the stars with your feet

firmly buried in the earth.

Be aware of the stars, accept and validate any inform-

ation given you from or about the stars. But reach?

No. Aspire? No. That, in your present state is

an anachronism. *11

4 Why an anachronism?

Because the reach is compulsive, and does not stem

from pure consciousness.

5 Can you clarify the difference between love as it is in the

context of the new code and our parody of it?

Love is the unremitting flow of power and information

from one pole to another, and the return of validation.

It demands nothing. It is not something that one

person feels for another, or one person gives to

another. It is the ACTION of a two way flow of

energy, not simply a one way intention or hope of


Love is inherent in something that is happening here

and now, not in something that might happen in the


A further major difference between love and the human

parody of love lies in the concept of caring. The

parody is based on compulsive care, feelings of inten-

sified responsibility and strong demands on self.

Love itself requires no caring, which is the product

of unconscious conflict only, but consists of the

realisation of pure intention from two separate exist-

ences to allow a harmonious mutual flow of cosmic

energy in various complimentary forms.

6 What do you mean by complimentary forms?

For example; Validation is complimentary to power and

information. That is how the two are exchangeable.

7 Are there other forms?

Hundreds, but don't concern yourself with them at present.

The concepts are hard to interpret as they are not human

concepts. Besides, information about them is at present


8 What is the initial energy given by GOD, which you referred to


A form of cosmic energy. A part of GOD that He separates

from Himself, and then inverts in order to maintain its


In absolute terms the energy is not strictly GIVEN, it

simply IS the creation and the creation IS the energy.

The creation is activated in terms of its purpose by

the fact of its separation and inversion. It is

active energy and with the quality of consciousness.

On the other hand you could say it is consciousness

with the quality of active energy.

This interchangeability leads to the confusion of

whether a being is his consciousness or his unconscious-

ness. In his original created state he contains pure

consciousness and cosmic energy. In his fallen state

his consciousness is primarily filled with lies,

distortions, inversions and ignorance, and his cosmic

energy is used to motivate the conflict of the uncon-


This is why we speak of the unconscious being the

seat of power. The answer is that the being as he

basically is, is the tiny spark of awareness remaining

in his consciousness. However he has so completely

identified himself with and given himself over to the

unconscious conflict he has created, that he IS, to

all intents and purposes (literally), his unconsciousness.

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