1 Tell me more about Purpose.

It is the most misunderstood of all concepts, and

therefore the most invalidated. It is beset by

irony and contradiction. After receiving inform-

ation and power, beings always come back with the

same response; "But now I have no purpose. You

have taken it away from me."

This is because they have been given purpose where

they had only hope, ambition and aspiration, and

they cannot recognise it. They have to see these

last as purpose, and real purpose they see as mere

pointless and directionless activity.

Even when purpose is defined for them and they see

it consciously, the unconscious, the occupying

power, cries out in protest from both sides of its

own conflict.

2 Why is this?

Purpose is the enemy of unconscious conflict, which

is true purposelessness, being power turned against

itself. The fantastic protest of purposefulness

that the unconscious goes in for should give an ind-

ication of this.

3 What is the function of Purpose?

You mean, of course; what is its purpose?

To feed information that is calculated to bring a

fulfilment of purpose as opposed to purposelessness.

Its prime message to you would be 'detach from the

unconscious' (which is the enemy of purpose),

'reabsorb the energy you have squandered in conflict,

thereby starving and thus eliminating the conflict,

and redirect that energy towards resuming and main-

taining a flow of information and power, and valid-

ation between you and GOD.'

4 What is Intention?

Intention is always with Purpose. They work hand in

glove. Without Intention, Purpose cannot exist, and

without Purpose, Intention has no direction or mani-

festation. Intention's purpose is the creation of


5 And what is Money?

Money is the most solid manifestation of physical

responsibility. Through it there is unlimited scope

for taking responsibility on a purely material level.

On the other hand lack of it is an equally effective

limitation against such responsibility. If you are

to fulfil your purpose you must have money.

And money is the prime spiritual trap. The adage

'Money is the root of all evil' is the classic example

of using spiritual demands to restrict the scope of

physical responsibility, and therefore maintain a

state of purposelessness.

6 Tell me about Redemption.

Redemption is freedom from the stalemate of the

exclusion of GOD.

A being redeems FOR GOD the energy he is squandering

in conflict. A being redeems his contact WITH GOD,

he redeems his awareness OF GOD. GOD redeems the

being, who by his own efforts has uncreated the

vicious circle of his unconscious conflicts and

redeemed in effect his true purpose.

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