1 What is the nature of the ignorance which we must recognise within


Ignorance of all matters spiritual.

So long as you are completely identified with a part

of yourself, and all your attention is on a part of

yourself that is looking inwards, turned in on itself,

fighting itself, blinded to everything outside itself,

unconcerned with anything but itself, and existing on

a closed circuit basis with itself, you must remain

ignorant of everything that exists outside the bounds

of the tiny universe that you have created for your-

self with this part of yourself.

This universe is the sum total of your knowledge in

this state, and not only is it minute, but it is also

a lie and a myth, a fantasy, a dream of superiority,

individuality, choice, responsibility, reason and

conscious thought. Tiny and untrue though it is, for

you it is totality and truth, and that is the mark of

your ignorance. When you see its true size and its

true validity, and recognise fully the extent of your

identification with it, then you will know the full

extent of your ignorance, and you will, in so doing,

have come upon your first grain of real knowledge.

The little bit of truth with which you are now in *12

contact, is not knowledge but information. Informa-

tion is different from knowledge in that it has not

transcended the battle of unconsciousness. It can be

driven out of awareness by the combined forces of uncon-

sciousness. It can be rejected, distorted and confused.

Knowledge is not something you have been told ABOUT,

but something you have become AWARE of, through pure

conscious awareness. This can be obscured, but not

rejected, distorted or confused. It is part of you,

not something outside yourself that you are viewing

from a distance. As you have seen over the past few

years, information is nothing; valueless, meaningless,

where it is not absorbed, validated and used, made real

by experience and ultimately converted by ownership

into knowledge.

2 Is Intuition conscious or unconscious?

It is not unconscious. No real inspiration or flash

of awareness comes from the unconscious. Snap dec-

isions, yes, flash realisations, no. Intuition is the

spark of conscious awareness, suddenly seeing through

a chink in the almost solid barrier of unconscious

conflict, and becoming aware of some aspect of the


3 What about memory?

The retention of information and experience is an act-

ivity of the unconscious and not a quality of pure

consciousness, which has no need of such activity.

It is true that beings contain all knowledge, but not

through memory. GOD is all knowledge and all power.

So long as a being is in a state of pure consciousness

and perfect contact with GOD, all knowledge is avail-

able to it in the form of information. At any

moment it may obtain any information it requires. It

does not therefore need a retention mechanism or

memory in order to store the information.

All knowledge is contained, not within the existence

of the being itself, but within the circuit of which

the being is one pole. In this way it can be said to

CONTAIN all knowledge.

Unconsciousness however has not the same external

contact with a source of knowledge. It's a closed

circuit, feeding information backwards and forwards

between its two poles. Its contact with conscious-

ness is like a harsh master's contact with his timid

and tongue-tied slave. The slave brings in very

little from without, because he is too much overwhelmed

by the presence of his master. So the unconscious

must be able to RETAIN what it gets in order to main-

tain itself.

Also, being based on lies, set in opposition to GOD

and isolated from all outside sources of power, it

feels insecure and vulnerable. This also drives it

to retain all it can as a defence against truth

threatening it from without. It must build up struc-

tures and agreements based on experience solidified

into memory, so that with these it can keep up a

permanent bombardment on the consciousness from both


Then there is the fact that the unconscious is there

to replace GOD, and is therefore in competition with

G0D. Consequently, as GOD is a storehouse of know-

ledge, so the unconscious must be a storehouse of its

own equivalent of knowledge, compulsive agreements

stemming from solidified experience.

Finally, memory depends for its existence upon the

time dimension as does unconsciousness. Pure con-

sciousness transcends Time. It is timeless.

4 Why is it necessary for us to go through the complete enactment

of responsibility on a physical level?

In order to reach the point of redemption, a recog-

nition of the utter purposelessness of the unconscious

is required. This requires a recognition of the

insignificance and meaninglessness of valuations such

as preference, morality, justice, progress, civilisa-

tion, religion, honour, dependability and of course,

above all, responsibility.

Only by reaching a point of complete uncaringness in

all these directions can you see the unconscious for

what it is; a mass of tangled, interwoven, self-

supporting delusions - mainly of grandeur - that have

no basis whatever on the truth.

To reach this point you must enact all the caring to

the full. Only having done it and gone through it,

will you be able to detach from it, look at it and

see it clearly.

lt is like your fantasies, only these are more solid *13

agreements, and must therefore be met with equally

solid force in order to break them down. A wish

fulfilment can have its power taken away from it by

continual fantasising until the concept loses its

appeal. A fear fulfilment likewise, until the

concept loses its terror.

Similarly, on a level of greater solidity, an actual

compulsion can be deprived of its power by enacting

and fulfilling it in solid physical terms to a point

where it ceases to have any effect of involvement or

identification on your consciousness. Only then,

having fulfilled the responsibilities you demanded

in order to play this isolated game of God, can you

step back, unchained by any sense of failure or

frustration, and see the absurdity of the game, the

absurdity of the world, the universe you created for

yourself in order to play it, and the lies you told

yourself in order to sustain it.

5 Does that mean we have to act out in solid physical terms every

compulsion contained in our unconsciousness?

No. That would take several millenia. But it is

essential that you enact the real basics, and fulfil

the responsibilities inherent in them to a point

where you know that you are capable of doing anything

within the bounds of human limitation, without the

introduction of a compulsive block, in other words

that your actions and attitudes are on a level of

pure conscious awareness and have no unconscious com-

pulsive motivation.

Fixed attention on self, involvement with a personal

universe, identification with the unconscious, all

separate you into isolation within your own personal

realities. You are all playing private games with

private rules, identified with a part of yourselves

which looks inwards at its own inversion instead of

outwards at truth. Consequently there is no unity,

no integration, no common denominator of any power

or depth.

If you were all to see both the minuteness and the

falsity of your personal substituies for knowledge,

you would cease to pay any attention to them what-

ever, turn outwards, and toqether experience truth.

Truth is identical for all and thus unites all under

one reality, except it ceases to be simply a reality,

which implies the existence of other different real-

ities. With truth there are no realities; there

is simply one knowledge. *14

If all members of Xtul have their attention OFF their

own personal universes and ON the One True Universe,

THAT is the Unity of Xtul. And the first knowledge,

the knowledge of ignorance, will be the first unity.

6 Why do we tend to assume that intuition is unconscious?

Because you have identified yourselves with uncon-

sciousness. Similarly you have identified your own

consciousness with thought. Reason is the greatest

asset of man's consciousness - according to man.

Consequently anything that does not involve thought

must be unconscious. Like intuition for instance.

The only reason why people think that intuition is

unconscious is because no thought is involved.

There is no logic, no reason - in human terms -

behind the ultimate conolusion or the ultimate recog-


7 Is the so-called Freudian slip a revelation of the unconscious

or pure consciousness?

It can be either. Unconsciousness is an inverted

manifestation of awareness (pure consciousness);

conscious thought is a manifestation of the weakest

side of the unconscious conflict, (the inversion of

the strongest).

If you are at any given moment fixed on a level of

conscious thought, momentary failure to think will

reveal the REALITY of the unconscious, i.e. the

strongest side of the conflict. Similarly if you

are detached, and working on a level of awareness,

and you become momentarily threatened and consequ-

ently involved, clearly a manifestation of uncon-

sciousness will appear and of course it is bound to

be the strongest side of the conflict because of the

spontaneity of the manifestation.

On the other hand, if you are involved in unconscious

compulsive motivation, with a true acceptance of the

REALITY of the motivation, i.e. an acceptance and

controlled enactment of the strongest side of the

conflict, then what appears to be a Freudian slip is

in fact a momentary detachment from the unconscious

and a consequent manifestation of pure awareness.

8 Tell me more about the conflict between validation and invalid-

ation, which seems to be the crucial matter here. To us the

element of invalidation appears io be so much more powerful

than its opposite.

So it will always seem. The forces of Invalidation

that fight on the side of Exclusion are inferior in

quality to those of Validation. Hence their need

for a greater sheer mass of energy and impetus, and

a more solid wall of armour for defense.

It is like the need of unconsciousness to retain

experience in order to compete with GOD. It is so

much weaker bascially than GOD that it must build a

positive arsenal of weapons and a fortress of barr-

iers and barricades, even to stay in the game.

Similarly Invalidation, on whose side Unconsciousness

fights, must arm his frail and uncertain troops with

heavy artillery and protect them with gigantic fort-

ifications in order for the conflict to have even the

apparency of equality.

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