1 Tell me about the Concept of Coincidence.

He is to the concept of Paradox what the court jester

is to the king.

2 How is that?

There is nothing serious about Coincidence. He is

the perpetual jest of Paradox. He can never be

taken seriously by any concept.

3 But we take him seriously don't we?

No. What you take seriously is Significance. You

laugh harder and louder than anyone at Coincidence.

But that is your protest against your proximity to the

human predicament, which is positively awed by Coin-

cidence, being completely fooled by him.

4 Why is humanity fooled by Coincidence?

Because Coincidence offers himself as an escape route

from the ever present threat of Recognition. 'Down

this alley', he cries, and off the terrified human

goes, choosing to be amazed by the antics of Coincid-

ence rather than face the overwhelming evidence of

Significance, and thus fall into the waiting arms of


5 What is so funny about Coincidence?

What do YOU find so funny about him?

6 That fact that people are fooled by him.

Exactly. He is like the practical Joker. It is not

so much HE that is funny, it is his effect on others.

If no one was fooled by him, he would not be funny.

The court jester entertains the king far more by his

effect on others than by his own performances.

7 How can we contact Coincidence?

It is hard for you because you are wise to him and he

will steer clear of you.

8 But we are very appreciative of his antics. As you said we

find him highly entertaining.

But he has a conflict. He takes HIMSELF seriously.

On one side he WANTS to make you laugh at his absurd-

ity, but on the other he wants you to be effect of it

according to the rules of the Human Predicament.

You are an embarrassment to him. You are supposed

to be taken in by him in your roles as human beings.

He is shy of you, because you love him through your

exposure of his conjuring tricks. You are not awed

by him, you are not deceived by him. You understand

him, you know him and you love him because you see

his plight.

9 What is his plight?

The very reason that he belongs to the court of

Paradox. He is the greatest paradox of all.

10 What is the paradox of Coincidence?

He is real to those who do not know him, and a myth

to those who do. Hence his conflict. Like all

existences he wants to be known, but on the other

hand he wants at the same time to be real.

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