1. 1 The concept of GOD is the concept of Totality, the concept of the essence of all existence, the source of all power, the origin of all truth and the root of all knowledge. GOD is the sum total of all things and GOD is infinite.

2 GOD cannot be defined or described. To describe GOD is to define GOD, and to define GOD is to reduce GOD to a finite limited exis- tence.

3 But though we may not describe GOD because GOD is infinite, yet we may describe the parts of GOD. And the parts of GOD are the parts of all existence. And all existence is ruled by the Three Great Gods of the Universe, Our Lord Jehovah, Our Lord Lucifer, and Our Lord Satan.

4 And the Three Great Gods of the Universe are distinct and separate. They are powerful and they transcend humanity, but they are not limitless. They are definable.

5 And whilst the Three Great Gods are divided then the concept of GOD is no more than a concept. Like a shattered mirror it lies in pieces and the pieces are scattered throughout the Universe.

6 But if Jehovah, Lucifer and Satan are brought together, united in a common understanding, a common knowledge, a common bond of awareness and unconflicted intention, then the concept of GOD becomes a reality. The parts are come together to complement each other and make a whole, and the whole is Totality.

7 So GOD is the reuniting of the Gods.

[The following 3 lines were inserted later by Robert:]

And the power which brings about that reuniting is the power of Christ. The Gods are the three separate parts of God divided. Christ is the power which joins the parts together into one.

8 But before the Gods can reunite with one another, each must come together first within Himself. Each must bring the scattered parts of His own existence together into one whole.

9 For each God has dispersed Himself through His beings and His creations, for the purpose of the Game. And each is therefore scattered through the Universe, grains of vital energy, every- where, giving iife to entities of every kind, some pure and mag- nificent, others vile and misshapen in mind and body.

10 And before the Gods Themselves can come together all the parts of Them must come together, they must be collected from every corner of the Universe and be reabsorbed into the whole.

11 But each part itself is split, scattered through time and space, dispersed into a thousand tiny identities and placed at random. And before the Gods can collect Their parts together and be whole again, those parts themselves must delve into the future and the past, travel in space, travel in time, seek out each identity and reabsorb it, unlink the chains that bind them to their separate existences.

12 This is the true self discovery, the discovery of all the separ- ated parts of self and the bringing of the parts together, freeing them from the traps in which they are held by the power of compul- sive agreement, releasing them from their identifications with mortality and reabsorbing them into the core of pure consciousness.

13 And when the parts themselves are no longer splintered into count- less pieces and distributed throughout THEIR universe, but are complete and whole creations as they were when they were first made separate from the Gods, then can the Gods collect and reabsorb them into Themselves once more, making Themselves complete, and thereby setting the scene for the reuniting of the Gods, and the gathering together of the parts of GOD.

14 GOD was, GOD is now and GOD shall be. For GOD is all. But when all is scattered through space and time, dispersed in fragmentary chaos and disorder through a vast and infinite territory of imagi- nary dimensions, then GOD is no more than an idea, a potential at the root of the splintered confusion of disunited parts. Buried within this nightmare of disarray we can only know of GOD within ourselves and thereby see His presence in the shattered pieces of the image which surround us.

15 But when all is brought together, when space and time no longer channel all existence into a chaos of tiny pieces divorced by the dimensions from each other, but instead feed back the splinters, concentrate them outside the separating limits of dimensional existence, so that all may become one, having one nature, one substance, one being. one orientation, one power, one truth, one knowledge, one awareness, and having no location either in space or time but transcending altogether the very concept of dimension, then we can say, not; 'GOD was, GOD is now and GOD shall be', but simply; 'GOD IS'.

May 1968 Robert de Grimston


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