1. 1 The Three Great Gods of the Universe. JEHOVAH - LUCIFER - SATAN. Consciously or unconsciously, apathetically, half-heartedly, enthusiastically or fanatically, under countless other names than those by which we know Them, and under innumerable disguises and descriptions, men have followed the Three Great Gods of the Universe ever since the Creation; each one according to his nature.

2 For the Three Great Gods represent three basic human patterns of reality. Within the framework of each pattern there are count- less variations and pennutations, widely varying grades of suppression and intensity. Yet each one represents a fundamental problem, a deeprooted driving force, a pressure of instincts and desires, terrors and revulsions.

3 All three of them exist to some extent in everyone of us. But each of us leans more heavily towards one of them, whilst the pressures of the other two provide the presence of conflict and uncertainty.

4 JEHOVAH, the wrathful God of vengeance and retribution, demands discipline. courage and ruthlessness, and a single-minded dedication to duty, purity and self-denial. All of us feel those demands to a degree; some more strong1y than others.

5 LUCIFER, the Light Bearer, urges us to enjoy life to the full, to value success in human terms, to be gentle and kind and loving, and to live in peace and harmony with one another. Man’s apparent inability to value success without descending into greed, jealousy and an exaggerated sense of his own importance, has brought the God LUCIFER into disrepute. He has become mistakeniy identified with SATAN.

6 SATAN, the receiver of transcendent souls and corrupted bodies, instills in us two directly opposite qualities; at one end an urge to rise above all human and physical needs and appetites, to become all soul and no body, all spirit and no mind, and at the other end a desire to sink BENEATH all human codes of behavior, and to wallow in a morass of violence, lunacy and excessive physical indulgence. But it is the lower end of SATAN's nature that men fear, which is why SATAN, by whatever name, is seen as the Adversary.

7 And between these Three Great Gods and man, is an entire Hierarchy of Gods and Beings and Superbeings and Angels and Archangels and Demons and Archdemons and Fiends and Archfiends and Devils and Archdevils, and Elementals and Guides and Fallen Angels and Watchers.

8 There’s all this and more too, in Heaven and in Hell and on earth.

December 1967 Robert de Grimston


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