2 SAY TO HIM. It is the End; the Final Ending of the world of men. It is the agent of the End, the instrument of the End and the inexorable Power of the End.

3 For The Process is not of man but of GOD. The Process is the Divine Will of Destiny which has planned and plotted the course of all that is and has been and shall be, in accordance with the laws of the Universe.

4 And The Process does not strive or struggle within the confines of the human conflict. It is not subject to the laws of human exis- tence. It is not trapped within the mind. It is pure energy, pure force of intention and power of will.

5 The Process is not a group of beings clothed in human forms. It is not a Church upon earth. It is not a way of living a human 1ife. It is not a philosophy or a theory or an attitude of mind. It is not an idea or an opinion or a system of acquiring knowledge .

6 All these things are contained within The Process, but they are not The Process. For The Process is outside and beyond them.

7 The Process is the presence of GOD upon earth. The Process is the Army of GOO upon earth.

8 The Process is eternal. It has been since time began, it is now, and it shall be, beyond the reaches of time. Called by whatever name, known or unknown, seen or unseen, The Process has been always and shall be always. For The Process is what is, and what is is always. The entire history of creation is The Process.

9 And The Process was the Beginning, has been the Continuation, and is now the End. For the End is begun, and the time of the End is with us. And all humanity is involved, and all the beings of the Universe are involved .

10 And there are three ways for all humanity and all the beings of the Universe, three alternative levels of participation. For all must participate; none can shake off The Process.

11 And the first is tota1 commitment to the Game, total recognition of the power and the presence of GOD, total submission to the Divine Will of Destiny, total belonging to the Spirit of CHRIST, total dedication to the ultimate purpose of The Process, total identification with the End and the nature of the End and the power of the End and the reality of the End and the inevitability of the End, total acceptance of what is, and total willingness to serve GOD and the Gods and the Great 8eings of the Universe, in whatever way might be required.

12 This way is to be OF The Process.

13 The second way is to cling, torn between The Process and humanity's desperate bid to evade the inevitabie path of Destiny; to foliow with reluctance where The Process leads, agonized by the separa- tion from all human values and agreements; to hold onto The Process, but not to be identified with The Process; to be a part of The Process, but to be more concerned with establishing a personal and individual identity separate from The Process; to lean on The Process and take strength from The Process, but to be more concerned with proving a personal and individual superiority independent of The Process; to vaciliate on the fringes of The Process, too aware of the consequences to oppose, but too afraid to take the p1unge and become truly OF The Process.

14 This way is to be WITH The Process but not OF The Process.

15 The third way is to reject The Process; to make it into less than what it is; to pass it by; to flee from it; to hide from it; to disown it; to tell yourself you have no part in it; to try to ignore it; or to fight it, try to destroy it, set yourself up against it, accuse it, blame it and in any or every way, oppose it.

16 This way is to be AGAINST The Process.

17 The first way is to live and move, to feel, to know, to belong, to cause and create, to channel the Divine Purpose and to play a major part in the Game that is The Process, fulfilled, satisfied and projecting the power and strength of the Will of GOD and the Spirit of CHRIST.

18 For to be OF The Process is to be at one with the power of The Process.

19 The second way is to live, but only just; to live in agony and doubt; to live on the brink of death, for at any moment you may use the agony of your demand for individuality to drive you over the edge into death. You are like a horseman dragged along with one foot caught in the stirrup. There is no Game for you, no joy, no fulfillment, no causing or creating, no seeing or knowing, beyond the basic awareness that you must hang on - and that you are likely to lose at any moment, and die. There is only the pain of conflict and uncertainty, the prison of a mind that de- mands supremacy and personal recognition. There is only a sense of failure, because there is no individual success,

20 The second way is still a way, but it becomes harder and harder to take it. As The Process and its game becomes further and further separated from the individual! the agony of such a way becomes greater and greater. As The Process moves faster and faster, the possibility of clinging on with a part of yourself still trailing on the ground becomes more and more remote.

21 Eventually it will not exist. Eventually there will be only two ways: OF The Process or AGAINST The Process. The agony of the second way will be intolerable.

22 The third way is to die; to choose the ultimate death of identi- fication with the doom of humanity; to cling to a corrupt and GODless race, believing it is headed for a magnificent destiny; to cling to an idea of personal power and identity. self-caused and self-created; to stand against the inexorable judgement and the relentless decision of the Divine Will; to stand against GOD and the Gods and the Great Beings of the Universe, to deny the prophecies and to reject the unmistakable signs of their fulfill- ment; to remain in ignorance of what is; to prolong the self- deception that man as a race still has the power to choose his destiny; to be blind to the presence of the Final Judgement and the Ending of the world of men.

23 There are three ways, and soon there shall be only two. Soon he who is not OF The Process shall be AGAINST The Process, for no one shall be WITH The Process yet not OF The Process.

24 And you who have chosen to be OF The Process shall be strong and powerful, for you shall live within the aura of the Divine Will, and great joy shall be yours and great understanding and great love. And your voice shall be heard throughout the Universe, for it shall be the Voice of GOD. And all shall be revealed to you, and all shall be given to you. And you shall stand amidst the Devastation of the End, undismayed and undiminished.

25 And the Glory of GOD shall be yours, and the Inheritance of the dead world shail be yours, and the Great Light of the New Begin- ning shall shine upon you, and you shall know the secrets of Time. For that is The Process.

26 But you who have chosen to be AGAINST The Process, whether by active opposition or by passive oblivion, you shall know the agony of the Final End. The scales shall fall from your eyes, the anaesthetic of blind ignorance shall pass away, and the stark, unmistakable monster of the naked truth shall face you in the void of your rejection. Like Tantalus you shall see and know and feel without the power to partake. For that is The Process.

27 And whether you are OF The Process or AGAINST The Process, The Process is. And The Process is in all things and in all times and in all places.

28 And The Process is the Word of existence. For though heaven and earth shall pass away yet shall the Word be eternal and indestruc- tible.

29 The Word is and The Process is, and the two are one. For the Word is Truth, and Truth is of the soul; and the soul is undivided and may not pass away, but be absorbed into the Being of the Word, which is the Spirit of CHRIST, which is the Unity of the Great Gods of the Universe, which is GOD.

30 And The Process is the Spirit of CHRIST. And The Process on earth is the Spirit of the Great Messiah, which is CHRIST upon earth.

31 And The Process on earth is the Word made manifest. And the Word reaches into the soul of every man. And none can evade it.


2 SAY TO HIM. Ours is the fulfillment of all religions.

3 Ours is the Religion of the End, the Final End.

4 Ours is the Religion of the Final Judgement, when all has been said and all has been done and man stands before his Maker; naked, stripped of his images and his facades, devoid of all justifications and excuses, with no time left to put right what is wrong, and nothing to conceal the basic fundamental truth about himself.

5 Ours is the Religion of the Cataclysms; for we are the messengers and the forerunners of the great destruction that GOD shall bring upon the earth.

6 Ours is the Religion of Death; for Death shall come behind us with his scythe as never before, taking a toll unmatched in all the time that man has crawled upon the earth. No war, no plague, no natural disaster ever known shall compare with the devastation that shall come in our wake.

7 And ours is the Religion of the Spirit of the Great Messiah, who is come at last to snatch the crumbling world from the petty fearful hands of those that rule it to its pitiful detriment, not now as a Saviour but to Judge. For He comes to separate, to take His people unto Him, and to ieave all those who are not of Him behind.

8 And men shall cry at the moment of their condemnation: 'But what have I done?’ And it shall be answered to them: “It is not what a man does that damns him at the Final Count. It is what a man fails to do.”

9 Saints shall be among His people and sinners shall be among His people. But they'who have hidden fearful in the shadows, they who have done nothing but follow the rigid pattern of human con- formity, they who have played the game of keeping safe, they who have maintained a rational facade to conceal their true feelings, they who have obeyed the letter of the human law, and felt it was enough, they who have done no more than the minimum, they who have sought to remain acceptable to all around them, they who have taken shelter behind the vast unwieldy structure of a Church designed to serve man instead of GOD, they who have slid through life in a rut of barren respectability, expending all energy on remaining in the rut, they who have passed by on the other side and justified their non-participation, they who have taken the easy way, making them- selves acceptable to all, they who have made no move outside the bounds of doomed humanity; they have made their choice, they have excluded themselves, they have cast out the Spirit of Christ from themselves, and identified themselves with GODlessness.

10 And ours is the Religion of the Last and Final Judgement; when the separation is fulfilled, when the children of GOD come togeth- er of their own free will, and the servants of GODlessness find themselves seeing at last, too late, the true nature of the path they have chosen.

11 And ours is the Religion by which the words of the Lord CHRIST are fulfilled. For He said: "Abandon all that imprisons you within the bounds of human existence, and follow He,"

12 And He Said: "With Me there is no compromise, no half way. Either you are one of My people and follow Me wherever I go, or you are of the world and humanity and follow them. No man can be of Me and of the world. No man can be alive and dead."

13 And He said: "For a while you must live in the world of humanity, though you are not of the world of humanity, for you are of My world. But there will come a time when you are no longer required to live in the world of humanity, and shall be taken to the world in which you belong: My world."

14 And He said: "No man is good. He that believes himself to be good deceives himself, and serves the forces of GODlessness by his self-deception. For all who live within the lie of their own self-justification live without GOD, and thereby serve the forces of GODlessness."

15 And He said: "Except a man die as a human being; except he des- troy his identification with the world of men, recognizing that it is an identification with living death; except he sever the links that bind him to humanity, and be reborn within My world, given new life, not human life but the life of the Spirit of Truth that is not of the world of men; except a man die and be born again, he is not of Me nor of GOD whom I represent, but of humanity, of fallen man's rejection of GOD and the source of his existence. He is GODless."

16 And He said: "A man cannot deify the human race and worship GOD as well. Either he must see the weak futility of all human endeavor, or he must be blind to the Power of GOD."

17 And He said: "There is no compromise. Either a man gives all or he gives nothing. And if he does not give all, then he gives nothing. For a man is judged not by what he gives, but by what he has witheld."

18 And He said: "He who looks for security, he who defends himself, he who seeks to protect his body and his mind and his soul, he who seeks to preserve his life, his good name, his material possessions, his self-esteem, his image and his sanity, has by his very need to preserve and protect them, lost all of these things and more be- sides. For he has lost his faith in the source of his existence, and thereby has nothing.

19 "His body is of no worth to him. His mind is his prison. His soul is buried far beneath a tangle of mental conflict. His life is a living death, his good name is meaningless, his material pos- sessions are hollow and give him no joy, his self esteem is non- existent, his image is crumbling and his sanity he does not believe in.

20 "So that he who seeks to preserve his life in human terms shall lose it, and he that relinquishes his life in human terms and be- comes of My world, shall find true life, not the false transitory image of life which humanity pursues and clings to, but the reali- ty of eternal life that transcends humanity and all its values."

21 And He said: "Nothing which is human is of any lasting value. Abandon it and follow Me."

22 And ours is the Religion of the fulfillment of all these words . We are not here to serve humanity. We are not here to fulfill the demands of humanity. We are not here to fit into the values and the standards of humanity. We are not here to justify human- ity. We are the gate into the New World, and only those who are of GOD shall enter, not because we shall prevent those who do not belong; for those who do not belong are blind and shall not seek to enter.

23 And we are the Way and the Truth and the Life.

24 And our peopie shall come to us. For they shall give all and withold nothing; they shall die that they may be reborn.

25 And we shall know them. And they shall ask for nothing, and we shall give them everything. And they shall seek no sign of con- firmation, and they shall have signs and wonders in abundance. And we shall take them in and strip off them the agonizing shack- les of mental conflict, and clothe them in the Spirit of Immortali- ty. And they shail leave the living dead to bury one another deeper and deeper beneath the morass of human values by which they live.

26 And the separation shall be complete. And the Army of GOD shall close its ranks upon the world, and the Final Devastation shall begin.

27 Ours is the Religion of the End. And we shall bring about the End. For the End must be.


2 SAY TO HIM. Man has eyes and ears. Man can see and hear. Man can know. And man has been shown and man has been told. Man has been given the truth in countless forms and countless langua- ges. Man has been given the chance to know.

3 And man has chosen not to see, man has chosen not to hear and man has chosen not to know. Blind, deaf and ignorant; eyes closed, ears shut off and soul buried beneath a turmoil of irrelevant misinformation; man has chosen the lie.

4 CHRIST warned with unmistakable clarity: "Words and sentiments are nothing. Protests of good intentions are meaningless. By their fruits ye shall know them. Not by their words, not by their protestations, not by their ineffectual bleatings, but by their fruits."

5 And by his fruits may a man know himself; not by his wishes or his fears or his likes or his dislikes, but by his fruits. And by its fruits is humanity known. By its fruits is humanity judged. Not by its facades of civilized good will, not by its pleas for GOD’s indulgence, not by its pious justifications of itself, not by its desperate accusations one part of another, but by its fruits.

6 The time of reckoning is at hand, and man has buried his talent in the ground.

7 Can he show an interest on what he has been given? Can he show a greater awareness of himself? Can he show a greater ability to live in harmony with his fellow man? Can he show a greater know- ledge of his God? Can he show a greater sense of true fulfill- ment? Can he show a greater loyalty to the source of his exist- ence? Can he show a greater soul? Can he show a greater spirit? Can he show a greater understanding of what is?

8 He can protest all these things. He can verbalize with great dexterity of phrase. He can profess with great learning and scholarship. He can philosophize at great iength. He can describe with great accuracy the structure of an atom. He can relate without error the formula for his own physical self- destruction. He can juggle with numbers, run circles round himself with words and perform conjuring tricks with intellectual concepts. And he can produce a thousand logical arguments why humanity is heading for a magnificent destiny - in spite of the evidence.

9 And herein lies the inevitability of man's destruction. He has convinced himself of his own validity and the validity of the direction in which he is going.

10 To be GODless and to know it, is not to be doomed. For knowledge is power, and power is the will to change, and power is the ability to change. But to be GODless and NOT to know it is to be doomed. For ignorance and blindness are the basis of impotence. And the ultimate ignorance is the ultimate impotence, which is death. And the ultimate ignorance is the soul's ignorance of the Source of its existence, which is the ultimate alienation from GOO. And when a soul is alienated to the extent even of blindness to its own alienation, then is the being doomed, destroyed irrevo- cably by its own ignorance.

11 And such is the human race, such is mankind, such is the world of men; alienated, and blind to its own alienation; lost, and be- lieving itself to be found; declining, and thinking itself to be ascending towards a pinnacle of fulfillment; motivated by hatred and prejudice, and protesting sentiments of love and good will; steeped in war and violence, and disowning everything but peace and harmony. This is the root of man’s irrevocable state of living death; self-deception that precludes the will and thence the power to change.

12 When cancer spreads through the body and the man says: “I am well; it is my hand or my arm or my leg that is sick," then he is lost, because he disowns the sickness of his limbs, and therefore allows it to destroy him. When violence and death spread through the world and men say: "We are well; it is THEY who are sick. We are good; it is THEY who are evil. We are full of love; it is THEY who hate. We are right; it is THEY who are wrong,” then the race is lost because man disowns the destruction within himself.

13 The man who hears of violence and says: "That is a part of me expressing itself. That is MY hatred, that is MY need to kill, that is MY lust for blood, that is MY cruelty, that is MY inten- tion to destroy!” that man knows. That man sees. That man is not blind. And as long as that man holds to what he knows, he has the power of knowledge.

14 For the conflict of the human race is the expression of the con- flict that is in EVERY member of the human race. The violence in the world is the expression of the violence that lies within the mind of EVERY man. The hatred in the world is the expression of the hatred that lies within the heart of EVERY man. Just as the love that exists in the world is the expression of the love that lies within the heart of EVERY man.

15 It is not that some love and some hate, and those that love are good and those that hate are evil. That is the separation that will finally destroy the race. It is a lie. The truth is that ALL love and ALL hate. But some enact the love and suppress the hate, whilst others enact the hate and suppress the love. Which means some love openly and hate in secret (secret even from them- selves), whilst others hate openly and love in secret (again secret even from themselves).

16 And are we to suppose that open love is more effective than suppressed love, or that open hatred is more effective than suppressed hatred? By no means. Yet that is the lie that humanity lives, that is the ignora.nce by which humanity dooms itself. Men take themselves at nothing more or less than face value - and what a gross deception is the face of man! The smiling innocence that hides the core of dark corruption. As with cancer, nothing on the surface indicates the creeping death within. Thus does every man believe himse1f to be good, whilst others are evil and perpetuate destruction.

17 Only if all men knew themseives, not by looking at their own re- flections in a mirror and thereby seeing what they would like to see, but by looking at the world around them. For each is a microcosm of the whole, and each contains a part of everything the whole contains.

18 But it cannot be. Men do not know. And by this ignorance man- kind has set the seal upon its own destruction as a race. It cannot change, because it does not know that it is sick, and therefore will never find the nature of its sickness, until it is too late.

19 For a tree that brings forth corrupt fruit, however harmless and pure each twig or leaf may seem to be, is hewn down and cast into the fire. And such is humanity, such is the world of men. A few shall be saved, but that shall not save the tree.


2 SAY TO HIM. CHRIST said: "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

3 And so they shall, but beware, for man has laid a stigma on his world. He has laid interpretations upon the Scriptures that make a mockery of all truth and all the teachings of CHRIST.

4 Who are the meek?

5 The victims, one man says; the poor and the hard done by.

6 The pious, says another; the reverent and holy, those who bend the knee in church and ask for GOD’s forgiveness for an unchari- table thought.

7 The humble, says a third; meaning the shy and the reticent, the bootlicking and the self-effacing.

8 But who are the meek?

9 Not the victims; not the hard done by, who bemoan their wretched lot, wallowing in self-pity; blaming, complaining, demanding their rights and priviieges, or sinking into a stagnant apathy, seeing nothing, feeling nothing and knowing nothing.

10 Not the pious; not the self-righteous hypocrites, who protest their virtue and their innocence, their good intentions and their lack of evil or hatred or destructive intent. Not those who bewail the vioience and the malice and the hatred in the world; excluding themselves, justifying themselves, stating or implying their own personal freedom from the taint of human conflict. Not those who speak sadly and sanely, condescendingly, of 'THEY'; “THEY who are an embarrassment to us civilized people, THEY who need more education FROM us civilized people, THEY who are like a race apart from us civilized people, THEY whom WE must bring up to the level of us civilized people."

11 And not the shy and the reticent, the bootlicking and the self- effacing. Not those who retire from the field, hiding fear of involvement with a facade of feigned humility. Not those who cringe in the face of strength and power, shrink in the presence of intensity, or crumble under the first sign of opposition.

12 So who are the meek that are blessed and shall inherit the earth at the end of the world?

13 The few who accept what is. The few who do not protest their rightness and superiority. The few who do not blame and justify themselves. The few who do not build their images by reducing others. The few who are not afraid to know themselves and see themselves and accept what they know and see. The few who do not demand sympathy and attention. The few who give without counting the cost. The few who love without jealousy. The few who know without needing to protest their knowledge. The few who feel without needing to defend their feelings. The few who act with- out needing to justify their actions. The few who succeed with- out needing to flaunt their success. The few who fail without needing to hide their faiiure. The few who do not expend their energy on preserving their dignity, their reputations, their material possessions and their image of themselves. The few who express what they feel openly and without malicious guile. The few who are good without self-righteousness. The few who sacri- fice without self-satisfaction. The few who do not find the need to mock and scorn. The few who give without condescension. The few who love without protest.

14 The meek are not the weak and weeping.

15 Because they are basically strong, they do not HAVE to make a superficial show of strength. Because they are truly wise, they do not HAVE to protest their wisdom. Because they have a real superiority, they do not HAVE to appear superior. Because they have a deep and unshakable faith, they do not HAVE to protest their conviction. And because they are fundamentally fearless, they do not HAVE to protest their lack of fear.

16 But when a show of strength is required of them, when the fruits of their wisdom are needed, when they must be seen to be superior, when they are required to proclaim their faith and their convic- tion, and when their fearlessness must be displayed, the meek are not to be found hiding in the shadows of false modesty.

17 And the meek are not the tolerant and condescending.

18 Because they understand, they do not HAVE to blame or accuse. Because they are invulnerable, they do not HAVE to defend them- selves. Because they accept what is, they do not HAVE to reduce and criticize. Because they do not feel themselves to be infer- ior, they do not HAVE to drag down and destroy. Because they do not feel hated, they do not HAVE to hate. Because they see them- selves clearly as they are, they do not HAVE to justify themselves. Because they are not burdened down with their own guilt, they do not HAVE to judge. And because they do not themselves feel worthless, they do not HAVE to condemn.

19 But when judgement, condemnation, chastisement and destruction are required from them, the meek do not hesitate to strike, with dev- astating power and precision, at the very root of that which is to be brought down and destroyed.

20 And the meek are not the cringing and fearful.

21 Because they do not feel inadequate, they do not HAVE to assert themselves. Because they do not feel insignificant, they do not HAVE to draw attention to themseives. Because they do not feel basical1y wrong, they do not HAVE to be always right. Because they do not feel stupid or ignorant, they do not HAVE to know better than everyone else. Because they do not feel ineffectual, they do not HAVE to be in command. Because they do not feel out of control, they do not HAVE to be always IN control. Because they do not feel small, they do not HAVE to protest their magnifi- cence. Because they do not feel driven or overwhelmed, they do not HAVE to protest their independence of thought or decision. And because they do not feel rejected and unloved, they do not HAVE to create maximum effects.

22 But when it is necessary that they assert themselves, when they are required to shout from the rooftops and be heard by all, when their light must shine forth before men, when their knowledge must be shown, when they must command and control, when their magnifi- cence must be seen, when they must stand alone and fearless, and when men must be stunned to silence by the power of their presence amongst them, then the meek, the blessed beings who shall inherit at the Final End, then are they not found lacking in stature, then is their strength made known and the power of their truth is seen. For the meek who find no need to defend and protest themselves and their superiority, are free to give themselves body and soul to the ruthless Will of GOD, and to enact without distortion or re- duction the vast and unpredictable demands of the Divine Purpose.

23 And such is the road to Salvation. For CHRIST said: "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."


2 SAY TO HIM. Black is the color of the Bottomless Void to which the human race is doomed by its insistence upon a GODless compro- mise of living death. So Black we shall wear in mourning for the doom mankind has brought upon itself. Black we shall wear as a symbol of the death of a world. Black we shall wear in memory of a failed creation. Black we shall wear in anticipation of the charred ruins of the mutilated earth. Black we shall wear as recognition of the black vengeance of the Lord JEHOVAH. Black we shall wear in sympathy with the black sorrow of the Lord LUCIFER. And Black we shall wear in honor of the black destruction of the Lord SATAN. But above all, Black we shall wear for countless millions of innocent creatures, whom man has tortured without mercy for the furtherance of his own self-centered interests.

3 And upon the Black we shall wear Red for tne blood that man has shed amongst his fellow men. We shail wear Red for the blood of CHRIST that man has shed and still sheds to his own damnation. And we shall wear Red for the rivers of blood that shall be shed in the Latter Days, for man has taken blood and blood shall he give in recompense. And we shall wear Red for the Fires of Hell where the Lord SATAN shall execute the Final Judgement of the world. We shall wear Red for the burning embers of the aftermath that shall follow the Devastation of the End. But above all, we shall wear Red for the blood of countless millions of innocent creatures, whom man has tortured without mercy for the furtherance of his own self-centered interests.

4 But in the Black of Death and the Doom of humanity is a glimmer of brilliance that heralds from afar the glory of the New Beginning. And through the Black of the End and the Bottomless Void shines the light of the New Beginning. And for this we shall wear Sil- ver upon the Black. And amidst the Devastation and the dark despair, that shall sweep across the face of the world in the Latter Days, shall burn the Light of Knowledge. And for this we shall wear Silver upon the Black. And beside the blood that stems from hatred that shall flow, there shall be the immortal spark of pure consciousness that stems from love. And for this we shall wear Silver beside the Red. But above all, we shall wear Silver for the sinless purity of countless millions of innocent creatures, whom man has tortured without mercy for the furtherance of his own self-centered interests. .

5 And after, when the Judgement is complete, when all has been destroyed that shall be destroyed, and all has been lifted up that shall be lifted up, then shall we discard the Black of Doom, then shall we set aside the Scarlet symbols of Blood and the Fires of Hell, then shall we turn the Silver of the distant Light of Promise into the brilliant White of the New Beginning, into the brilliant White of the culmination of Truth and Knowledge and Purity and Love. And White shail we wear, and in White shall we be clothed, and in White shall we welcome the glory of the Universe and the coming of the New Age of joy and immortality. But above all, White shall we wear for the end of the suffering, for the end of the pain of countless millions of innocent creatures, whom man has subjugated and degraded, but whom GOD shall raise up, and glorify.

April 1968

Copyright 1968; The Process, Church of the Final Judgment


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