1. 1 Lucifer is a God of love; a God of harmony, of gentleness. He is the Light-bearer, who seeks to lead man out of the hideous darkness of the world in which he suffers the agonies of death and deprivation, the anguish of torturous conflict. He desires for man a life of perfect balance, a life of understanding and love in which he may be master of the world in which he lives, and make it the garden of beauty and delight that in his heart he wishes it to be.

2 Lucifer seeks to lead man into the soft and pleasing ways of a quiet unobsessive, guiltless, fearless, harmless self-indulgence. He abhors excess, which He sees as the inevitable product of dem- ands for abstinence. He sees emotion as the prime validity, and the perfect freedom of its channelling into the experience of all worldly joy, as the ultimate fulfilment.

3 His is the scented road of sweet and unpretentious luxury. But also it is the road of action, of pursuit, of movement; it is a road of exploitation, of making full use of all that is.

4 Lucifer's road is the road of success. To Him success is life. The sense of achievement that accompanies success is the essence of life. It is the validation of having been created.

5 Lucifer desires that man should validate his own creation, should prove the worthwhileness of his habitation of the world.

6 Lucifer loves the world. He loves the beauty of it. He loves all the secrets that are inherent in it, and He desires that man too should love the world, that he should discover all those sec- rets and use them to become more and more at one with the world. He believes in human life, in human values, in human feelings, in human senses, in human needs, in human hopes, and in human fears. And He comes with gentle love to guide His people into paths where they will find the sense of ultimate fulfilment which they seek.

7 Lucifer validates. He creates rightness where there was wrong- ness. He heals where there was sickness, He makes beautiful what was ugly. He raises up what has fallen down. He creates success where there was failure, love where there was hatred, harmony and peace where there was conflict. He brings light in- to the darkness.

8 And lucifer calms the raging sea, He stills the raging storms. He smiles upon what is evil and corrupt, so that it becomes good and pure. He touches what is vile and decaying, so that it bec- omes clean and new. He breathes life into the dying man.

9 For Lucifer is life. He is the light of life that shines in the darkness of death. And all who follow Him follow the joy of life and partake of the joy of living.

10 And where there is ugliness Lucifer brings beauty to conceal it. Where there is misery, Lucifer brings the simple pleasures that can override it.

11 His is the beauty of nature, the green loveliness of field and forest. His is the subtle precision of the architect, who seeks to complement nature rather than destroying it. His is the sensitive perception of the artist, who seeks to communic- ate the wonders of nature rather than distorting them beyond all recognition.

12 And His is the ladder of worldly success, that leads to a sense of freedom within the bounds of human existence; freedom to have, to experience, to learn, to know the secrets of life, of which those who are steeped in failure deprive themselves.

13 Lucifer encourages success. He leads His followers to the foot of the ladder and guides them rung by rung to the top.

14 And he teaches the virtue of precision. He advocates exact- ness, a perfect balance; like two notes in harmony, if one is even a fraction out of key, the harmony is lost and discord is the outcome. And with Lucifer there must be no discord. So precision is His constant gentle watchword.

2. 1 And the true Luciferian follows in the footsteps of his God. He is the Light-bearer on earth. He is the idealist who seeks to right all wrongs, to bring happiness to a world of misery and deprivation.

2 He believes in success and the enjoyment of success. He bel- ieves in comfort and the enjoyment of comfort. He clings to the concept of basic human goodness. He loves the world and the people of the world, and his greatest wish is that all men should love one another, that men should live at peace, that there should be no strife or violence, no ill feeling, no conf- lict, only a soft and gentle harmony.

3 This is the Luciferian ideal. This is the star that the Luci- ferian follows; man at peace with himself and his fellow man; man at one with the world in which he lives.

4 And the Luciferian deplores the victim. He sees the victim as the evidence of man's failure to create for himself the best of all possible worlds. His instinct is to lift the victim out of his misery, to give him the joys and comforts that he lacks, to reassure him. to take away his burdens and to heal his sick- ness.

5 And the true Luciferian, because he loves the beauty of nature, and sees in it the secret of human fulfilment, abhors the relent- less march of science which he sees as an enemy of peace and tranquility. He watches man succumb to the di ctates of mater- ialism, where even his minimum demands go far beyond the provi- sions of simple human comfort and satisfaction. He watches the ladder of success, which he believes all men should climb, go far beyond the point of attainment, far beyond the point of human ambition, into the realms of grasping avarice, where one man treads on another's throat to gain his ends, and where noth- ing satisfies because all is demanded.

6 The Luciferian wants peace not war, and he weeps to see the honeyed road of sweet success dive headlong into strife and violent conflict. This he knows is not the wish of his God, though it may be the test that his God provides for His people. The road of success should lead to greater harmony, to greater love, to greater mutual understanding; not to hatred, suspicion and insatiable greed.

7 And the Luciferian is a lover of the arts; not those that exp- ress the hideous horrors of the world, the miseries of mankind and the cancer of human degradation, but those that bring out the essence of life, the essence of natural beauty, the essence of love and harmony. The Luciferian believes that by express- ing beauty we create beauty, by making images of peace we elimin- ate war. He believes that evil can be made into good through the image of goodness, that violence can be stilled by the presence of harmony, that hatred can be destroyed by the presence of love.

8 The Luciferian is the eternal optimist.

9 He lives by the philosophy of human love. It is his panacea for all ills. Love conquers all for the Luciferian. It mar- ches relentlessly across a world that is buried deep in the wor- ship of hatred and violence; unharmed, unreduced, and leaving only images of itself in its wake.

10 This is the Luciferian dream. The conquest of the world by love; and humanity's return to the sinless tranquility of the Garden of Eden.

3. 1 And the failed Luciferian is the one who falls victim to his own ideals, the one who reels the disillusionment of empty success and succumbs to it, the one who reaches a pinnacle of achieve- ment, finds no ultimate fuifilment, and sinks into a morasse of disappointment.

2 The failed Luciferian is the one who fails to realise his ideal, and feels he nas been betrayed and abandoned. He has found success, he has given love, he has created images of peace and harmony, and yet he feels a sense of incompleteness, no real fulfilment follows the success, so he collapses into a feeling of utter futility.

3 Or, when success comes, but without true satisfaction, he sets his sights beyond, and then beyond again and on until he finds himself taking the road he so abhorred, the road of violence and desperation, the road of excess, the road of franctic gras- ping for that which seems always to elude him. He becomes the victim of his own demands, loses all confidence in his images of love and beauty, and sinks into an even more desperate purs- uit of the unattainable perfection.

4 That is the failed Luciferian; the one who loses hope, either because his dreams remain unrealised or because even the reali sation of them brings with it no ultimate sense of fulfilment; the one who loses sight of the Luciferian goal, because he never quite seems to attain it; the one who despairs of ever finding the true peace of mind, the perfect harmony, the ideal love, the universal understanding and the oneness with all that is. And like the artist who slashes in fury at his painting because he cannot achieve the perfection that he seeks, the failed Luciferian descends into a tortured agony of helpless frustration and futility; the very opposite in every way to that which he set out to find.

5 Often in anticipation of this final descent, the Luciferian abandons what promises success for him, for fear of disillusion- ment. He provides the build-up untii the moment when he must fulfil his promise to himself and anyone else involved in the success, and then he drops it, deserts, abandons. Thus he bet- rays both himself and those who have depended on him. It is no solution. If he falls into such a pattern, he descends even faster into the depths of futile despair.

4. 1 Only by recognition of the true nature of human success; only by seeing its limitations, by knowing that it cannot transcend the human values upon which it hinges and meet the spiritual needs that the soul demands; only by stepping beyond the bounds of worldly satisfaction to find the ultimate fulfilment; can a Luciferian avoid the disillusionment that a single-minded pursuit of human achievement must inevitably bring with it.

2 A Luciferian may be fulfilled within the world, but only if he has no illusions about the nature of the world and all that is of the world. If he sees the world and its values as the centre of the Universe, with all things subject to its whims and dictates, then he will pursue his ideals obsessively into the mire of frustration and futility. But if he sees the world as a testing ground for higher planes of existence, and his God as a testing God. who offers success in human terms to try the understanding and awareness of His people, then he wil live his life according to the Law and he will know the true limits of human attainment, and evaluate his aims accordingly.

3 Lucifer loves the world, but he knows very clearly where it stands in the hierarchy. To be fulfilled, the Luciferian must do the same.

January 1968


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