1. 1 Till now earth has been the battleground of the Gods. Within the mind of man the conflict of good and evil, right and wrong, has been the human manifestation of the struggle between Heaven and Hell. The agony of man has been the agony of a soul torn between God and anti-God.

2 Jehovah, the creator of the world of men, known by many names, recognised in many forms or rationalised by blindness into many disguises, has driven his creation ruthlessly and tirelessly towards purity and self-denial.

3 Lucifer, the Tester and Temptor of the world of men, known and feared, resisted, blamed, justified or worshipped in every language and in every corner of the earth, and also rationalis ed by blindness into many disguises, has lured and tempted, painted his promises within men’s minds, to draw them into the pursuit of worldly satisfaction.

4 And Satan, the Destroyer of the world of men, lurking and loom- ing and lying in wait, known everywhere by all mankind, His presence felt, His terrifying effecs made manifest, fled by some, sought by others, dragging the doomed into degradation and decay, lunacy, disease and death, and lifting those who have transcended human values, onto the highest planes of spir- itual fulfillment.

5 And such has been the old conflict, played out in every aspect since the time of Adam’s Fall from Grace. Called by whatever name, spoken in whatever language, enacted by whatever race, manifested in whatever form the conflict of the powers of good and the powers of evil, the powers of right and the powers of wrong, the powers of light and the powers of darkness.

6 The battle of the Gods; God and Anti-God. Such was the old conflict; before the End began.

7 But now the great and mighty forces of the Anti-God, that spring from the bowels of the earth and swarm upon the land like locusts, are come forth to be united with the Angels of God.

8 No more is there conflict betwee the forces of good and the forces of evil. No more is there strife between God and Anti- God. The Lord Jehovah and the Lord Lucifer are one, joined in common bond, Their armies pledged to make war upon the grey miasmic legions of the unGod, and to serve beneath the conjoin- ed banners of the Lord Christ and the Lord Satan, come together in unity for the Final Judgement and the Final Ending of the world of men, and set against the formless fog of the Forces of Grey, the servants of mediocrity, the pale and lukewarm shadows of compromise, who flee at the very sight of truth and hide their heads from all intensity.

9 No more the emnity of Heaven and Hell. No more the clash of steel between purity and foul corruption. No more the battle between the hideous creatures of the Pit and the shining hosts of Paradise. No more Angels and Demons arrayed in combat against one another. Now are they all one army, united in the Mighty Brotherhood of Lamb and Goat, come together through the Unity of Christ and Satan, joined for the Latter Days, the Judgement and the Devastation.

10 And now is the enemy a swirling mass of dull grey ignorance, which seeks to bury for all eternity the knowledge of the Gods and the Great Beings of the Universe. Now is the enemy a con- fusion of chaotic substitutes for truth, a cloud of false images and cloaks to all awareness and sensitivity, a pale grey scept- icism, that enfolds all knowledge in a blanket of suppressed stupidity and apathy, denying all that could have linked human- ity once more with what it knows deep down to be the true source of its existence.

11 And we are here, standing between the Gods and men, knowing the enemy, knowing the unity of the extremes, knowing the nebulous monster of the middle way, knowing the new battleground, and prepared for every move on either side.

12 The Gods and the Grey Forces.

13 The Gods, whose people are alive, full of a true vitality that extends into the far reaches of the cosmos, plucking all know- ledge it can find to feed it and give it greater life.

14 The Grey Forces, whose people hide their heads in fear from reality, who wish the world was just the world, and there was nothing more in the Universe to come upon it and create the strange and devastating effects which they try so hard not to see around them.

15 The Gods, whose people drink in the knowledge of the Universe, take it unto themselves, wear it like a garment, own it, absorb it, and welcome the swinging pendulum of joy and agony it brings with it.

16 The Grey Forces, whose people prefer the ignorance of common materialism, the shared agreements of a human race that denies where it can all that does not slide imperceptibly along the groove of mediocrity.

17 The Gods, whose people accept what they feel and what they know.

18 The Grey Forces, whose people demand proof of what they will not allow themselves to feel and try desperately not to know.

19 The Gods, whose people plunge headlong into the waters of life, with faith in the Great Powers of the Universe to carry them through to immortality.

20 The Grey Forces, whose people hold back, entrench themselves more firmly in what they can touch and see, and wait fearfully for death to claim them.

21 The Gods, whose people live to the ultimate, seize life and play the game to the full.

22 The Grey Forces, whose people keep within the limits of a social code that all are agreed upon and none dare step outside for fear of cesure annd disapproval.

23 The Gods, whose people care nothing for the rules by which human- ity destroys itself.

24 The Grey Forces, whose people worship the unerring powers of self-destruction and the laws by which it is ensured.

25 The Gods, whose people see the hypocrisy of man.

26 The Grey Forces, whose people ARE the hypocrisy of man.

27 The Gods, whose people seek to give to the Gods,

28 The Grey Forces, whose people take unto themselves from one an- other.

29 The Gods, whose people live their lives upon a knife edge of precarious unpredictability, caring nothing for their personal security, but knowing that to walk with the Gods, even into the fires of persecution, is salvation.

30 The Grey Forces, whose people cling to the safety of the shallow values of humanity, and preserve at all costs their image of themselves and one another.

31 The Gods, whose people know the lie of human love and kindness, the lie of man’s humanity to man, that cloaks an underlying hat- red and desire to kill, much justified, rationalised and blamed upon others, when it shows itself.

32 The Grey Forces, whose people propagate the lie, foster it, give it credence, who protest the truth of man’s love of his fellow man in the face of all evidence to the contrary, who justify, reduce in importance, rationalise, and shift the blame for every- thing that patently disproves the lie.

33 The Gods, whose people know that man has had his chance, made his choice and is now doomed to pay the price.

34 The Grey Forces, whose people continue to protest the magnific- ent future that humanity is building for itself by its own good- ness, virtue and superiority.

35 The Gods, whose people know that man has shown nothing but evid- ence of his total incapability to live in harmony and peace and build a worthwhile heritage for himself upon the planet placed beneath his charge.

36 The Grey Forces, whose people see man’s advances in the field of science, his ability to destry himself more and more effect- ively, as irrefutable evidece of his validity.

37 The Gods, whose people know the truth and live by it.

38 The Grey Forces, whose people live in the midst of a murky lie.

2. 1 Such is the New Conflict.

2 No longer God against Anti-God, but the presence of GOD against the absense of GOD.

3 No longer Saint against Sinner, but knowledge and recognition of GOD against ignorance of GOD.

4 No longer clear and shining white against stark and impenetrable black, but the stark clarity of truth against the murky grey of formess untruth.

5 No longer the Gods of Heaven against the Gods of Hell, but all the Gods united against the unGOD of the stagnant in-between.

6 Such is the New Conflict.

December 1967 Robert DeGrimston


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