1 Who or what is the new enemy?

2 The Grey unGOD opposed the separate concepts of Black and White, which are the Gods. What opposes the united concept of GOD?

3 There is only one true opposite to GOD; the Devil. And Humanity is the Devil. So humanity is the enemy.

4 The inevitability of humanity’s cataclysmic death was the mark of victory against the unGOD. Now the whole of doomed humanity itself is the enemy in the war that shall bring about that death. Not just the pale grey shadows that cringe in fear within the confines of the human game, but all that is of humanity, all that is identified with humanity, all that carries a brief for humanity. No longer shall we separate the extremists from the moderate, the fanatic from the liberal, the intense from the luke warm, the insane from the so-called sane. The Tide is now Destruction by GOD’s Will. To go against it is to go against GOD.

5 Whether actively or passively, emotionally or intellectually, whether by positive movement or by negative inertia, whether driven by passion or clogged into immobility by reason; to oppose the death of human kind and the destruction of the world of men is to oppose the will of GOD, and he who does so, throws in his lot with the Devil. He is OF HUMANITY. He is antiGOD, not the antiGod we knew before, in our war against the unGOD, when Jehovah and Lucifer - God and AntiGod, Christ and Satan - Christ and AntiChrist, came together in unity against the Grey Forces. Lucifer and Satan are AntiGod and AntiChrist no more. The conflict between the Gods is over - on this level at least - resolved by Their victory over the unGOD. A new antiGOD appears, this time to challenge the Unity of GOD. And the Devil serves the antiGOD; and humanity is the Devil.

6 This is the War of Armageddon, the Final Conflict. And on earth the Army of GOD shall face the armies of humanity.

7 And when the time of chaos comes, the real chaos and disorder of active rebellion, then starts the separation - this time on an earthly plane.

8 And then shall be fulfilled the prophecy that what is ordered in Heaven shall be manifested upon earth. For already the Separa- tion is complete above; all that is needed is for it to manifest below. And the coming of chaos shall bring this about. Then the reincarnation of GOD in the world shall have truly begun.

9 And all who battle or plead or argue or hope or just fear for the rights of men, they belong to the Devil and the armies of the antiGOD, together with all who - even then - are blind and see nothing, or who merely crawl away and hide and hope that the trouble will pass. And all who oppose them in the Name of GOD, ruthlessly destroying those who blaspheme against the Law of GOD, shall constitute the Army of GOD.

10 Humanity shall be divided, and the division shall be not only between nations but within them also, and not only within nations but within cities, and not only within cities but within families themselves. For brother shall hate brother, and father shall hate son, and daughter shall hate mother, and husband shall hate wife. And the prophecy shall be fulfilled, that a man’s enemies shal be of his own household and under his own roof.

11 Christ said, ‘I came not to send peace but a sword.’ And when the Sword of Christ comes upon the earth, which He shall send at the appointed time, every being of Christ shall take it up ad wield it in the Name of Christ.

12 And all who take it up in defiance of the huge armies of the antiGOD and in the service of the Laws of GOD, they are the Army of GOD. And all who run from it, or let it lie, or turn upon it i defense of man against His Judgement, they are the armies of the antiGOD. And Armageddon shall be joined.

13 And we shall lead the Army of GOD upon earth. And all who oppose us, and all who oppose what we stand for, and all who oppose those who are with us, ad all who oppose those whom we support, they are our enemies and shall be destroyed.

14 The Sword of Christ is inexorable, for it is the power of Satan.

15 It is the pure hatred that stems from pure love.

16 Christ’s hatred of the antiGOD is equal to His love of GOD, and His love of the servants of GOD is matched by His hatred of the servants of the antiGOD.

17 Such hatred and such love are beyond all human comprehension.

18 But all who would know the love of Christ, must wield the Sword of Christ. To know His love, they must know His hatred, and enact it.

19 To reach heaven, a being must pass through Hell. To find Eternal Life, he must pass through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. To have peace, he must know the full horror of war.

20 To know Christ, a being must discover Satan.

21 The blinding hatred of Christ for the enemies of GOD must be felt and known and channelled and enacted to the full in the War of Armageddon, before the love of Christ can be given and receiv- ed. And the hatred of Christ is the Sword of Christ, and the Sword of Christ is the execution of the Judgement of Christ, and the execution of the Judgement of Christ is the Mighty Hand of the Lord Satan.

22 The way to GOD is through Christ, who said; “No man cometh to the Father, except through Me.” And the way to Christ is through Satan. Robert de Grimston


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