January 4 1975

Brethren, As it is,

The reports from Chicago have varied considerably over the last few months. But it does seem to be clear that there are quite a number of you there who are waiting for some kind of a sign or direction.

P.S. 7, which is coming with this letter, tells you about levels of committment. If, having read P.S. 7 you feel your proper function is to be part of the team of Process Builders, write and let me know. But also get together with other Processeans who feel the same way, and if there is a large enough number of you, six or seven or more, then the best thing you can do right now is start living together, pooling all your resources, holding Seminars together, and thereby creating the beginnings of a Process household.

If you do start a Process house, then a regular contact can be organised between you and the Boston Chapter and the Omega, and gradually your house can be brought up to the point of being an official Process Chapter. And the plan is eventually to bring all the groups of Process Builders together in one place, to consolidate and then begin the real rebuilding of the Process structure.

If, for some reason, you don't form an actual household, either because there are too few of you, or the signs are against it, then as long as you keep in touch with me, some other way will be found to include you in the core of Builders that's gradually being formed. It may not be IMMEDIATELY possible, but rest assured, if the core is where you belong and where you want to be, you won't be left behind.

For those of you in Chicago who don't want to be included in the core, but regard yourselves as true Process Inhabitants, as I've said in P.S. 7, be patient. As the new structure grows, functions, hopefully for ALL Processeans who want them, will emerge.

Try to get copies of this letter and P.S. 7 to as many Processeans in the Chicago area as possible. And I'll look forward to hearing from some of you soon. Besides which, Ill almost certainly be visiting Chicago in the not too distant future, and I hope I'll see all of you then.

Love and blessings,

So be it.





There's no longer any doubt that The Process is regenerating on a practical level. A new structure is emerging, and visions of both the distant and the immediate future are taking
more and more definite shape. My own personal involvement in this re-building is no longer, as it was when I wrote P.S. 6, a strong probability. It's an established fact. And the steps towards the creation of the Survival Center are becoming specific goals rather than remote

But before we can really build the new structure, the first priority is to gather together the 'Builders'. Our aim is that, when the structure is created, it will allow for every possible level of participation and contribution. But right now, the first and foremost need is for a group of Processeans whose function it is to create it. Building may not be the only valid Process function, but it's the one that has the most immediate importance at this time.

Basically there are two functions in The Process. 'Builder' and 'Inhabitant'. Both have equal validity, but each carries its own special form of reward and satisfaction. (Whichever of the two you are, you'll find that the other will be very unsatisfying!) And both are essential. Without builders, a house has no existence. Without inhabitants, it has no purpose.

But when there IS no house, building must happen first before there can be any inhabiting. And that's how it is with The Process. The Builders of the new structure must come together and create it. Then when that's done, the Inhabitants can live in it. But meanwhile they must wait with patience. Their main importance NOW is that the structure must be designed with their needs and requirements in mind.

So to those of you whose function does not involve building - at this point at least - don't feel excluded whilst we struggle through these first stages of our rebirth. Remember that we're working with you in mind. We're creating FOR you, as well as for ourselves. And when we emerge with a whole new structure, you'll realise that you weren't forgotten.

At every stage of the reconstruction work, we'll keep as close a contact with you as possible. But make allowances for a not entirely stable situation. And if you feel that things aren't going quite the way YOU'D hoped for, read very carefully through Logic One, and then initiate some contact!

Meanwhile the core of Process Builders is gradually emerging and consolidating. But for those of you who are not YET part of that core, but feel that you belong with it, let me explain what it means to be a Process Builder.

The Process is, amongst other things, a means of self-discovery and spiritual survival. But those who will be involved in building the new Process structure, are Processeans concerned with more than their own PERSONAL self-discovery and spiritual survival. Their interest is extended to include a) the spreading of Process teachings and the Process way of life to a wider and wider congregation, and b) the continued development and expansion of the teachings themselves.

They understand that there are realms of self-realisation and transcendence BEYOND the state which a person can reach through Process teachings as they stand now. They know that there's more to be revealed, more to be channelled, and more steps of the ladder to be climbed. But at the same time, they know that, if more wisdom is to be given to us, then we must give the benefit of what we already have to others, as many others as are willing to receive it. We must continue to teach what we already know, if we want to be given more knowledge. Because that's the Universal Law.

On that basis, they realise that The Process needs a structure; a structure with a dual purpose; one, to channel and develop the next stages and levels of Process wisdom, and two, to propagate every stage and level of Process wisdom already channelled and developed. And with that realisation, their committment is to the creation and operation of such a structure.

For this function, the committment has to be total committment. This doesn't mean it can never be changed or modified. But it does mean that as long as it's there, it's a full time, first priority, complete dedication. It means belonging to The Process venture. It means giving all your energy, your interest, your talents, your emotions, your possessions, your abilities, and your time to the growing family of Process Builders. Which means faith in the destiny of The Process.

And a Process Builder makes that committment because he's aware of something which goes beyond his belief in Process teachings. He's aware that The Process inevitably and without choice, is a living enactment of its own teachings. It doesn't enact just one end of the spectrum of the Game, or a narrow band in the middle. It enacts the ENTIRE spectrum, from one end to the other. For him, it's not a matter of success or failure, this way leads to heaven, that way leads to hell. It's destiny. It's the way of the Game, which includes both heaven and hell. It's the Valley of the Shadow of Death, which leads to Life. It's the sublime and the ridiculous, eternally inseparable. It's not something he chooses to join. It's something he knows is within him already, waiting to emerge. It's not something to which he decides to commit himself. It's something to which he realises he's already committed, and at last is free to enact the committment.

That's dedication. Faith in the inevitable. And if and when you feel that in relation to The Process, you know you're a Process Builder. It's not every Processean's function to feel it. And it's as important that some Processeans DON'T feel it, as it is that others do. But if you do feel it, now is your time. Now is the moment to enact the faith that's been given to you.

It's not a blind faith. On the contrary, it's a faith based on a real awareness; an awareness of what The Process is in relation to the Game. Because it's awareness, not blindness, which demands no proof, no guarantees, no contracts, no securities, and no conditions. And the reason for that is that only awareness provides the sense of INNER security and invulnerability, which has no need of such things.

Also, if you have that feeling, no obstacle or barrier will stand in the way of your enacting it. Nothing will deter you or deflect you, because you'll see it instinctively as a challenge to be met, or a test to be passed, rather than a valid reason for holding back. And when you've recognised, acknowledged, and risen above every element that COULD deter you, THEN, not only do you know that you ARE a Process Builder, but you can actually begin to play your part in the building. And that's an adventure, the value of which only those who are destined to be part of it can really understand.

But here is the REAL test, for EVERY Processean. The division is between Builders and Inhabitants. For the Builder only building fulfils him. For the Inhabitant only inhabiting fulfils him. The negative potential is that each may assume that because his way is the only way FOR HIM, then it must be the only way for everyone. That produces conflict and mutual rejection. Or a Builder may demand the rewards and satisfactions of an Inhabitant, whilst an Inhabitant demands the rewards and satisfactions of a Builder. That too produces conflict. Each receive what he gives, and the Builder's gift is different from the Inhabitant's gift. And the positive potential is that each finds his rightful place and his proper function, and derives a real satisfaction from finding them. And each gives complete validation and respect to the place and function of the other, but without assuming that the returns and the rewards must be identical.

But above all, the true duality of Builder and Inhabitant is a Process Union; a division without separation, a complementary relationship of mutually dependent roles. And remember, the awareness of a fundamental unity preserves harmony in a duality. And the fundamental unity, of which all of us are parts, in The Process. The Process STANDS for the ultimate reconciliation of ALL opposing elements. What more unifying unity could we have to link us all together, than the very symbol of Unity itself?

So be it.




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