As it is,

The newest Process cycle is about to begin.

The most obvious deficiency in all the old cycles was an inadequate presentation of Process teachings, which, for a long time, played second string to the organisation and the hierarchy. This new cycle is going to be characterised by a concentrated and systematic presentation of the teachings, hopefully to a much wider public than ever before, in the form of a study course through the mail.

The course will include old Process material as well as new material recorded since the Separation. It will be divided into Progresses and will provide plenty of opportunity for a two way flow of contact between me and everyone else.

Now that there’s no central organisation or hierarchy, The Process IS the teachings. There are no distractions. And the new structure consists of the system whereby the teachings are distributed, together with the network of contact which will gradually build up between Processeans everywhere. And I mean REAL Processeans, because this course is not for those who saw The Process as a coffee house to shelter in or a shoulder to cry on or a hierarchy to climb; it's for those who want to travel along a road of expanding awareness and increasing invulnerability, and don't need either constant pushing and driving and cajoling to keep them going, or the immediate security of an organisation to keep them afloat.

And this course is for EVERY Processean who fits that category. Even if you al- ready have copies of much of the old Process material, first of all the course presents both old and new material right fron the beginning; secondly, there are tasks, activities and projects included as well as the opportunity for asking questions, making suggestions and contributing your own ideas and pieces to future publications, and thirdly, there's the chance of being part of a growing network of REAL Process contacts.

Now The Process has never been an easy road. It's much easier to settle for the generally accepted scale of human values and thereby stay with the majority, than to invert them and find yourself out on a limb. So at this stage of the Game, The Process - the REAL Process - is most likely only for a small minority. However, for purely practical reasons, there has to be a certain number of subscribers to the course for it to be a feasible operation at all.

Therefore we plan to run it for a six nonth trial period. That's one complete Pro- gress. If after that time we decide that there is an insufficient response, we'll take it no further. But if we have a large enough list of students on the course, we'll continue.

So it's up to you. If every one who calls himself a Processean takes this opportunity to GROW as a Processean, then we have no problem and we have a whole new chance to start spreading the seeds of Process wisdom further and further afield. And if every Processean introduces one new Processean then we're really moving. It's still only a start, but it's a good start.

This is a way for Processeans all over the world to link hands in a common purpose; that purpose being the gradual spreading of Process knowledge.

I look forward to hearing from you.

So be it.

[ Signature: Robert ]

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