1. 1 Satan is the Great God of Ultimate Destruction.

2 He stands beyond the gates of the human game, and awaits the blast of the trumpet that heralds the End.

3 For He is the End. He is the Bringer of Doom. And His reach extends from the highest pinnacles of Heaven right down into the very depths of Hell.

4 For He spans the Universe. He is the soul and the body of the Universe, and between the soul and the body lies the mind.

5 His creations are the throngs of Archangels that stand at the summit of all existence, and the crawling hideous monsters of the Pit that writhe in the swirling darkness of the Bottomless Void. And between the two is the world of men.

6 And within the world of men the Lord Satan spans from pole to pole; the ruler of extremes; leaving in between, the life of human conflict which the 'normal' man endures; the equal battle of the two-poled mind, by which he maintains a tortured equili- brium.

7 And Satan rules that which is outside the conflict of the mind, either below it or above. He has no part of that which lies within it.

8 He rules the regions of the mind unhinged. He rules insanity. His people are those who have blindly escaped from human reality and its preset values, have either delved into the strange world of physical sensation. without the restraining hand of mental barriers, have plumbed the depths of sensuality, carried indulg- ence of the body to its limits and left the logic of the brain behind, or have plunged altogether into madness, have unhooked themselves completely from the dictates of a 'normal' mind, and followed an extra-mental path that has neither judgement nor control for those who travel it.

9 And Satan is master of those who take these roads. He is mast- er of all who cast off from the even battle of mentality, and set out to explore the unvalued. undefined miasma of experience, that lies beyond the mind's control.

10 He rules the body and its sensual needs, and he rules the mind- less cloud of lunacy; both respite from the tortures of the mind's uncertainty.

11 And at the other extremity, He rules the superhuman mindlessness of mysticism. He is master to the being in pursuit of the purity of spirit; the being who seeks to TRANSCEND the con- flicts of the mind, to rise beyond the barriers of thought, to reach outside the limitations of human values; who does not sink in witless blindness, without judgement or control, into the world of insanity or sensuality, but rises, aware, control- led, unshackled, into the realms of mindless spirituality; the realms of supernatural vision and experience.

12 And Satan is the God with whom the mystic finds his other world.

13 The world of men may call the mystic mad, for the world of men calls mad all who do not conform to its accepted patterns. But the mystic is ABOVE the cloud of mental anguish, whereas the real madman is below it. And the mystic mortifies his body, where the sensualist indulges his to excess. Neither conforms to the accepted human standards whereby the body is maintained; instead they span the field from one extreme to the other. And both are ruled by Satan.

14 Satan is the ultimate of all things, He is the End and the Ultimate Destruction. Equally He is the Beginning and the Ultimate Creation. He spans the Universe - in Time. He is both the Beginning and the End; the God of Ultimate Destruc- tion and the God of Ultimate Creation. And His two poles are separated by the presence of the Universal Mind that fills the Universe with conflict.

15 And conflict is the Essence of Time. So the Beginning of Time is Satan, and the End of Time is Satan; and they are divided by the Essence of Time, which is the conflict of the mind and the twisted torture of the human game.

2. 1 And the Satanist stands outside the bounds of the human game.

2 He stands at one of the two extremes.

3 He is an outcast, because he does not fit the pattern.

4 He is removed from the world of human values, detached from the sickening conflicts of the monstrous mind.

5 At the lower end of the scale, he is the pervert and the orgi- ist; the sensual wallower and the sadist. He delights in cruelty and violence. He revels in the twisting of all social norms. He finds pleasure In pain, and exaltation in paths of degradation.

6 He dabbles in drugs and finds there satisfaction in the nega- tion of the human mind, which he carries so unwillingly wlthin his brain. For narcotics twist the mind out of shape; they invert it, turn it inside out, and send it spinning into space. And thus the Satanist escapes from it. Drugged, he can float away into a world that has no part with reality in human terms. He can find realities more pieasing to him. He can create realities, fantasise them, summon up every kind of other-worldly visions. while the ties that bind him to the earth fade into nothing and leave him free of the shackles of the human game.

7 And speed the Satanist worships also, for that too disorientates the mind. The motorcyclist who rides for the sensation, feels himself cut off from the world that stands still around him. His senses become blurred, the roaring in his ears and the wind on his face send his mind spinning. He forgets the inert world of men and replaces it with a world of permanent movement, where nothing stays the same, nothing is solid and definite, nothing can pin him down to a precise continuous reality. And that is Satan's world. And alchohol provides another means of shutting out the agonies of mental conflict; another road whereby the Satanist escapes; another blurred miasma, senses dulled, thoughts vague, unreal and imprecise. In even the mildest of alchoholic hazes, the concrete facts of human existence can cease to be real and can be replaced by other-worldly fantasies and visions. And danger is yet another way out of it; a life of constant risk, the life of the criminal, the life of the man on the run, and the life of the man who lives by violence, al- ways close to the presence of death. Again the down to earth facts of man's circumstances, man's problems and man's anguish are forgotten and replaced with the immediate sense of threat, the immediate danger that fills the whole being taking all of its attention.

8 The Satanist lives by the maxim; "Nothing suffocates hope more than the ordinary passage of ordinary events."

9 Sex, violence, drugs, alchohol and danger; the weapons of the Satanist against the mind and all its human values and demands that threaten to envelope him.

10 And one other; insanity. More extreme by reason of its per- manence. more conclusive by reason of the depth to which it goes, madness is the ultimate escape, the final retreat from the pain of man's agreed upon reality; the Satanist reduced to lun- acy to avoid the threat of being human. And lunacy in any form, as long as it breaks the being's contact with life as 'normal' humans know it. For such a life is not for the Satan- ist. He must not be bound by agreements of right and wrong, good and bad, success and failure. He must be outside the ord- inary valuations of the human world. even though it means exist- ing in a world of hideous fantasy, a world of death and degrada- tion, despair and nightmarish terror, far beyond the level of man's conception of these things; Satan's world.

11 That is the lower end of the Satanist's escape. At the other end is the way of the mystic, the ascetic, the way of the ultra- spiritualist, who escapes by transcending the needs of the body and thus departing from the bounds of human existence and leav- ing the world of 'normal' men behind him.

12 He too avoids all codes of human right and wrong, all concepts of morality and responsibility, not by sinking beneath them and thus losing all awareness of them, but by rising above them and existing in a world where they cannot reach him, where they cannot apply to him. The high level Satanist is aware of the human laws of morality and responsibility, he sees them clear- ly, he sees their roots and origins and he sees their effects. He does not identify himself with the human game and therefore he does not need to abide by its laws. He puts himself out- side them, beyond them and above them.

13 Where the Satanist at the lower end of the scale swamps his senses to disorientate his mind, burdens them to breaking point with every kind of stimulus and aggravation, indulges his body to excess so that his mind is sent spinning by the very weiqht of the indulgence, stirs up the chemicals in his brain so that the mind is hurled hither and thither in order to shake it out of any tendency to order and the solid pattern of a human code of values, where he attacks the mind through over feeding of the body, the mystic, the Satanist at the other end of the scaie does the very opposite. He starves the body's demands in ord- er to disorientate the mind. He mortifies his body, refuses to indulge its appetites, inflicts pain upon himself, abstains, denies himself.

14 Again the mind is thrown into confusion and the soul finds freedom from it to roam unfettered in another world; a world of unearthly knowledge and awareness; a world of ethereal sym- bolism, a transcendent world of abstract weightlessness, that touches only the deepest and most spiritual concepts; Satan's world.

15 And the two ends of Satanism meet on this plane of otherworld- liness. For with all his unawareness, the degraded Satanist who indulges his body to excess, sees visions of a reality that exist outside the bounds of human experience. There is no doubt that the drug addict opens doors for himself that for the normal man remain for ever closed, and he may see the same vis- ions as the fasting mystic. Both are attacking the body in order to release the soul from the clutches of the mind. Both seek freedom from a human existence in which they find little that appeals to them. One tries systematically to transcend the burden by ultimate control of it, the other tries first to buy it off by pandering to its demands, and finally when it will not be bought, to fling it off by breaking all contact with it.

16 At either end of the scale the Satanist is scarcely in contact with the normal world of men. That world has little meaning for him. He may understand it, he may see it very clearly, he may have all the capabilities and opportunities of great success within it. He may even achieve success of various kinds within it. But he feels that it has little to do with him as he really is, He does not feel he is part of it, he cannot identify hlm- self with it. The world is alien to him and he becomes a fugi- tive.

17 To speak of a failed Satanist is meaningless. Failure and suc- cess play no part in the Satanist's game. They are strictly human concepts. In human terms most Satanists are failures. They may have specific areas of great success, but overall, as human beings, they are graded low on the scale by the accepted standards of humanity, because they do not play the human game according to the rules. They live outslde it.

18 The Satanist who becomes enmeshed in the human game, who ceases to be true to himself, who conforms to the human code against his instincts, who compromises himself by entering the conflict of the mind and becoming subject to the demands and dlctates of the mind's agreements, he is not a failed Satanist; he is no Satan- ist.

19 With Satan there is no right or wrong, no success or failure. There is simply what is. Satan demands nothing.

20 Jehovah demands death and failure in human terms. Lucifer dem- ands life and success. Satan demands nothing. He accepts what is and takes his toll of the fallen.

21 The Jehovian who falls from grace and does not rise again, des- cends into Satan's world and is swallowed up. He becomes, not a Satanist, but a victim. The victims are in Satan's world, but they are not Satan's people. They are fuel for the fires of Hell and that is their destiny. For a victim serves no God. He merely tries to serve himself and fails, and then bemoans the failure. He is trapped by the values of the human game, but he cannot meet its demands.

22 And the Luciferian who falls into the depths of futility and des- pair and does not rise again, he too descends into Satan's world and is swallowed up. He too becomes a victim.

23 But the true Satanist cannot become a victim. Because the true Satanist can suffer what in HUMAN terms are the most terrible afflictions, he can descend into a state of abject filth and degradation, but for him there is no wrong in it, for him there is no fault, because for him wrong does not exist on a human level.

24 If he should play the victim in his condition. if he should be- wail his losses, if he should regret the path he has taken, then he is no Satanist, for he has entered the came of man. He has put on the clothing of human values, and hls grief and self-plty stem from his failure to stand well in it.

25 The true Satanist stands naked in the world and cares for noth- ing.

26 He follows the impulse that drives him from moment to moment, and takes no thought of the consequences.

27 He pursues an ideal, not far in the distant future nor back in the irretrievable past, but in the present.

28 Whether his instinct is to starve his body or indulge it to excess; whether he desires earsplitting sound and fast chaot- ic movement, or dead silence and utter stillness; whether his need is a drugged miasma of kaleidoscopic fantasy, or the per- fect clarity of an empty mind at rest; whether he seeks an all enveloping embrace of physical sensation, or the total de- tachment of feeling no bodily sense whatever; whether he wants violence and pain, or harmony and perfect peace; what- ever his instincts tell him to do, it is for now, for the mom- ent; it is not towards an ultimate ambition; it is not to recapture a past condition; it is for the instant, and after the instant is gone it is forgotten, and the next instant ab- sorbs the attention of the Satanist,

29 The mind lives by the past and the future; the soul and the body live in the present. The soul knows only its immediate awareness and inspiration; the body knows only its immediate needs and appetites,

30 The mind looks back into the past and regrets, and forward into the future and hopes. The soul and the body look only at what is, here and now.

31 And when a Satanist begins to live with his attention in the past or in the future he is no longer a Satanist, for he has entered the world of the mind.

January 1968


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