1. 1 We are the servants of GOD, no less. We are here to carry out the will of GOD, no less. We are bound to the Earth for a period that we may perform the commandments of GOD. We are nothing save within the aura of GOD. We are subject ultimately to the destiny prescribed for us by GOD. We are beings of the Universe belonging only to GOD. We are specks of dust upon the desert of all existence, which belongs to GOD. We are nothing without GOD.

2 GOD is our creator. GOD is our master. GOD is our strength. GOD is our life. GOD is our inspiration. GOD is our knowledge. GOD is our understanding.

3 We have no existence but of GOD. We have no power but of GOO. We have no consciousness but of GOD. We have no choice but of GOD.

4 And our choice is to include GOD or to exclude GOD. To acknow- ledge GOD or to reject GOD. To see GOD or to be blind to GOD. To know GOD or to be ignorant of GOD. To worship GOD or to defy GOD.

5 Whichever we choose, our path of destiny is the same. But if we choose to include GOD, then we shall follow the path with joy and a sense of fulfillment. If we choose to exclude GOD, we shall follow the path in agony and dark despair.

6 We cannot change the course of destiny. We cannot go against the Will of GOD and change it. We can only choose to accept the Will of GOD and be part of it, or reject it and exist in pain from the rejection.

7 For GOD decides the destinies of men. And GOD decides the desti- ny of man. And GOD decides the destiny of the world. And GOD decides the destiny of the Universe.

2. 1 This world and the human race that crawls upon its surface are doomed to extinction before two thousand years have passed beyond the birth of Christ.

2 Man has made his choice to alienate himself from GOD, and GOD replies. The choice is made, and judgement follows.

3 Man demanded choice to shape his destiny, and GOD gave man what he demanded. And GOD said: "Choose the pattern of your world. Create within the terms of your existence. And when you have chosen, I shall judge, for ultimately all choice is mine."

4 And man chose the pattern of his world within the terms of his existence. And his world is a world without GOD. An image of GOD, a pretense of GOD, but no presence of GOD. GOD Himself is not included in the world of men.

5 And now the Judgement:

6 Hell is the absence of GOD. GOD is absent from the world of men. The world of men is Hell.

7 The Devil is one who alienates himself and all things under him and part of him from GOD. Humanity alienates itself and all things under it and part of it from GOD. Humanity is the Devil.

3. 1 Now comes the presence of GOD upon the world, not by the choice of men, who had excluded Him, but for the Judgement and the Retribu- tion.

2 GOD gave man the choice he demanded. Now GOD removes that choice. The test is done. Now GOO decides once more according to the Law. Destruction. Destruction of the GODless world of men.

3 Too late for man to change his mind. Too late for him to see the Pit before him, and turn once more towards his GOD. He made his choice. Now GOD makes HIS; the overriding choice.

4 What happens in the world of men today is no longer man's decision, but GOD's. Man has had his time of choosing. Now come the consequences of his choice.

5 Time only for the few who are no part of the GODless human pattern of self-worship, to be chosen by GOD at their appointed time, to be lifted up into the ranks of the Army of GOD. And whilst those of humanity destroy themselves by seeking to save the world from its inevitable death and mankind from its inevitable doom, alien- ating themselves further and further from GOD as they fight more and more desperately against the power of the Divine Will, the chosen shall be at one with GOD in His inexorable Judgement and the fate He has decreed for all mankind.

6 For the tide is now Destruction by GOD's Will, and to go against it is to go against GOD.



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