1. 1 The arms race accelerates. Violence spreads in the streets of the cities. Poverty and disease abound.

2 Governments churn out meaningless words, as the world slides in- exorably towards destruction. Radicals protest ineffectually; the only changes are changes for the worse. Conservatives com- plain soundlessly; the decline continues unstemmed and unrelen- ting. Liberals claim that all we want is peace and love and brotherhood; all evidence points, in unmistakable contradiction of this claim, to humanity's preference for war and hatred, violence and prejudice.

3 Nothing changes for the better. Humanity continues to degrade itself, while proclaiming its magnificence and basic good inten- tions.

4 Little is spoken of GOD or Judgement or of retribution. We hear a great deal of 'death', but nothing of 'the wages of sin'. We hear a great deal of 'war', but nothing of Armageddon or the Abomination of Desolation. We hear a great deal of 'riots', of 'violence' and of 'brother turned against brother', but nothing of the Latter Days.

5 Man has been told, man has been warned, man has been given countless opportunities. But man has not listened, man has ig- nored the warning and man has chosen to by-pass every opportun- ity.

6 No more can be done for the human race. It is entrenched beyond recall in its conviction of its owm superiority. It is committed beyond help to the belief that it is basically magnif- icent, and troubled only by a fringe minority of malcontents and irresponsibles. It is buried beyond resurrection in the agree- ment that through its own unaided efforts, it can change the pattern of its swift decline, and stem the tide of ultimate dest- ructlon.

7 Such is the extent of its self-delusion. And such is the seal of its doom. For there is no cure for him who is convinced that he is not sick. A madman continues to be mad as long as he believes himself to be sane. Humanity is mad, as evidenced by its behaviour; and believing itself to be sane, it will con- tinue to enact its madness to the fast approaching point of total self-destruction.

2. 1 The Latter Days are with us. The time of the End is near.

3. 1 Humanity is a house divided against itself and therefore cannot stand.

2 And there is no escape for the race of humanity from Doom. But who shall be troubled, for it is the Judgement of The Lord Christ upon the world of men? And who shall be downcast but those who choose to go with humanity?

3 We mourn the Death of man as a gesture to what might have been. But there is no agony, no misery, no grief, no hatred, no horror, no despair in our awareness of the loss.

4. 1 Yet there is one agony, there is one horror, there is one hid eous thing, that demands far more than the simple, inevitable, inexorable Judgement that awaits mankind.

2 Man destroys man; that is his choice. It proves him worth- less as a creation, but it touches none but himself. Man betrays himself, tortures himself, makes himself suffer, puts himself through every conceivable agony and pain. That ls his choice. As a consequence he dooms only himself.

3 But man does more. Man does not stop at self-destruction.

4 Within his charge, within his care was placed a world of crea- tures; not beings with choice, as he had demanded for himself; not beings who could create their own destiny, as he had dem- anded he should do; not beings who could decide upon their own fate, take responsibility for their circumstances, cause, mould, change at will, as he had demanded the right to do. Into his care was entrusted a world of creatures, who had no choice because they demanded none, who could not change the natural order of things because they accepted the all-embracing Will of their Creator and demanded no independence of their own, who could not choose because they had preferred to abide by the Divine Choice.

5 Man chose to rule because he demanded superiority; the crea- tures accepted his rule because they demanded no superiority.

6 And man, guilty from his rejection of the Will of his Creator, set himself above the creatures, who were innocent and lived by the laws of nature, and within the aura of the Divine Will.

7 And man drifted further from GOD, and became buried deeper and deeper in worship of himself.

8 And the innocent creatures placed within his charge became to him of no more consequence than possessions, to be used and ex- ploited towards the furtherance of his glorification of himself. The glory and magnificence of man, ruled by man and independent of GOD, was all that mattered; and all must be sacrificed to this ideal.

9 And man no longer saw the creatures as his charge. He no longer saw them as precious creations, pure and unspoiled by sin; placed within his care that he might expiate HIS sin through love of what is loved by GOD. He no longer saw that he must serve this world of innocent and GOD-created life; sacrifice himself if need be to maintain the natural cycle of survival which had been created and allowed to evolve according to the laws of nature. He no longer saw the world as the garden en- trusted to him which he must tend with love and understanding; and the creatures in the world as part of that garden, which he must preserve and care for. He saw the world as HIS POSSESSION; everything in it is as HIS POSSESSION; belonging to him, behol- den to him, subject to him, in debt to him, placed there for his benefit and for his use, to do with as it suited his own ends best.

10 And man looked upon the creatures who had no choice, and saw a means to glorify himself.

11 Man as a hunter, who must survive, kills and eats as the animal kills and eats. This is the law of nature by which the cycle of life persists. Man kills to clothe himself against the cold of winter, to protect his feet against the sharp and hostile ground. Man, even as a shepherd and a herdsman, does no more than systematize the natural cycle of survival. He feeds, cares for and protects his livestock, and when the time comes, kills with mercy, painlessly, for his basic requirements.

12 But when man sees beyond the bounds of basic needs, into the realms of self-glorification, and sees that by certain devious methods, more than the natural and basic needs for survival may be obtained; then begin the horrors that reach far beyond the bounds of mere sin and the failure of a race to prove itself worthwhile. For then begins the torture of the innocent crea- tures; then begins the agony of their suffering; then begins the limitless pain, which they who have no choice are forced to endure as man pursues his 'glorious' destiny.

13 Then begins the work of the scientist, who seeks drugs that will save mankind from disease. Nothing must lie in the path of such a cause. Mankind is all, and the unbearable agony of a mere animal, who must undergo experiments for the sake of the cause, is of no consequence beside the requirements of this mag- nificent race.

14 Creature after creature suffers the torture of vivisection. As long as more animals are available, the experiments go on; rel- entlessly, leaving a trail of death - not merciful death, sudden and painless, but agonislng, long drawn out, unendurable death.

15 Anaesthetics? No. Painkillers? No. Such consideration is given to man alone. The pain of a mere animal is nothing.

16 Indeed laws have been made in some parts of the world, compell- ing scientists to anaesthetise their victims and to inflict as little pain as possible. But what is a law where the inter- ests of science are concerned? Needless to say it is a simple matter to obtaln exemption. And besides a law agalnst theft may sometimes prevent men from stealing, but it does not make them honest.

17 Equally we are not concerned with occasions when animals are NOT made to suffer, we are not concerned with mercy or kindness or consideration for animals where it exists. These thlngs reduce the magnltude of cruelty where IT exists, not one iota. A few grams of purity amidst a sea of foul corruption, do not lessen the corruption. A healthy limb does nothing to reduce the sickness of a cancerous heart.

18 So talk not of laws. Ultimately they change nothing. To see the full gravity of the dlsease, go to where the infection is worst, not where it is partially or temporarily kept at bay. And there you will find -

19 Anaesthetics? No. Painkillers? No. Such consideration is given to man alone. The pain of a mere animal is nothing. Strapped in position, prevented as far as possible from crying out, its feelings are then discounted as the cause of science and the better health of men begins its work, stopping at nothing, setting no limit to the pain it is willing to inflict, or the time it is willing to keep its victim in a state of intense discomfort or agony.

20 The knife, the needle, the stab of an electric shock, clamps and braces, painful drugs, every instrument of torture is em- ployed as considered necessary. And if the victim dies in error because the agony is too great for lt to bear, it is at once discarded as a worthless thing, and replaced with another who may prove stronger for the cause.

21 And all for the furtherance of man; all for the greater glory of humanity, which sees itself striding into an era of freedom from all sickness and disease, as reward for its perseverance.

22 But no, not even that. Even that worthless cause is a myth. As in alI things, man in his abysmal ignorance, tackles the symptoms and ignores the basic cause. Physical Sickness and disease are symptoms of splritual inadequacy. They are the outward manifestations of sin and the guilt that stems from it. They are the fruits of GODlessness. To attack them with drugs and potions is like trying to prevent war by destroying guns. Guns are not the cause of war, nor are viruses the cause of dis- ease. Both causes lie within the soul of man. And if the soul is buried in the conflicts of the mind, then war continues and disease is not defeated. As one disease is cured, another takes its place; the soul, ruled by the guilt and fear within the mind, demands it.

23 Christ said: "What difference is there between forgiving a man his sins and curing his body? If his body is cured, it is bec- ause his sins are forgiven; the sins from which his sickness stems. And if his sins are forgiven, then his body must be cured; for only sin, and the guilt that comes from sin, can make the body sick. But if you cure the body whilst the soul re- mains black with the stain of unremitted sin and shame, then the body must soon degenerate again, not perhaps in precisely the same way, but equally or even more effectively. Such is the nature of sickness and of sin.

24 And when a man was cured Christ said: "Your faith has cured you. For only faith in Me and what I am, could open your soul to the power of My forgiveness. For though I have the power to touch your soul and take away the burdens of guilt that submerge it, thereby curing the body, you have the choice of whether to lay bare your soul to Me so that I might use My power to cure you. And such a choice comes only from faith."

25 So even the cause that man thinks he pursues in his relentless infliction of suffering upon the creatures placed within his charge, is a myth, an illusion, a dream, a fantasy, a total un- reality. In fact by the very methods he uses to combat the sickness in his body, he adds infinitely to his burden of guilt, and thereby must ultimately INCREASE the sickness. For the suffering which he inflicts and allows to be inflicted in the name of the greater glory of his race, is a sin far far greater than his destruction of his own kind, which already condemns him as a race. And the retribution for that sin will be the final disillusionment; as sickness and disease spread wider and more devastatingly than ever has been known in the history of man- kind. And even the vast amount of pain he has inflicted for his non-existent cause, shall not amount to one fraction of the suffering and misery that shall come from the plagues and pest- ilences of the Latter Days.

5. 1 Meanwhile the agony of vivisection goes on, condoned, encouraged, sponsored, subsidised, by all.

2 The people, who believe the scientist rather than Christ, con- tinue to encourage the pursuit of 'cures' for their diseases, most of them deliberately ignorant of the incredible amount of pain that animals are suffering for the 'cause'. They pay their taxes, that go towards financing the 'cause'; they buy their drugs when they finally emerge; they send their children to colleges, so that they may become part of the 'cause' and work for it. They are convinced; and they prefer not to know what is sacrificed in favour of the 'cause'.

3 Most do not know that animals are strapped down, alive and con- scious, and then cut open and thelr internal organs manipulat- ed, cut out, replaced, or embellished with strange devices.

4 They do not know that students, unskilled in surgery, collect stray dogs from kennels where they have been taken, and having no form of pain killing agent or anaesthetic, set about perfor- ming experimental operations upon the dogs, keeping them alive as long as possible in order to derive the greatest benefit.

5 They do not know that certain animals are kept permanently in positions from which they cannot move a single limb, for months on end until they die in agony under the scientist's instru- ments.

6 They do not know that intense pain is inflicted on animals by electric shock, in order to test their reactions.

7 They do not know that animals are blinded and then are kept alive, have their limbs amputated and then are kept alive, have their insides cut out and then are kept alive, have their brains tampered with and then are kept alive.

8 They do not know that animals are skinned alive.

9 They do not know a fraction of the strange and horrific experi- ments performed in laboratories upon every kind of animal, large and small, with nothing even to dull the senses and thereby reduce the pain. They do not know and they cannot imagine.

10 They do not know that special dogs are bred that cannot bark or cry out during experiments.

11 And above all they do not know that all of it is worthless, pointless, objectless, even in terms of the battle against humanity's slckness. The drugs and so called 'cures' produced as a result of Vivisection are useless to tackle the basic cause of man's disease. Instead, either they have no effect whatever, or they intensify the symptoms already there, or they add other symptoms (side effects) to those already there, or, when they do remove the symptoms of one disease, they ensure that another, often far worse than the first, replaces it. (The side effects of 'wonder' drugs are becoming well known.)

12 So ignorance abounds, deliberate ignorance, the turnlng of the blind eye. Men do not know, because they do not want to know, the extent of the cruelty to countless helpless creatures per- petrated in the name of science. And they do not know, because they do not want to know, that it is all for nothing.

13 But men SHALL know. The knowledge, unmistakable, unequivocal, undistorted and unreduced, shall be laid before their eyes; so that no longer shall they be able to avoid the cholce. No lon- ger shall they be able to hide behind their ignorance. No lon ger shall they be able to disown the problem, to make it nothing that concerns them. For it will stand before them, stark and horrifying and totally inexorable.

14 And they will have to choose. They will have to say 'Yes' or 'No'. They will have to decide 'for' or 'against'. They will have to commit themselves. For if still they sit on the fence, justifying non-action or non-concern, dlsmlssing, rejecting, passing by on the other side, condoning by a negative response, taking no stand; then they have taken thelr place beside the scientist. They are the vlvisectionists who lack even the cour- age to hold the knife. They have made their choice in favour of the cruelty. They have approved the wanton, agonising slaughter of millions of animals for the sake of nothing. They have cond- oned the torture chambers and everything that happens in them.

15 Only those who are willing to take a stand, a positive stand, of single minded self-sacrifice, against the vast machine of so- called progress that permits, supports and propogates these hid- eous practices; only those who have the courage to oppose this brutal, senseless and malignant cause of cruelty; only those who will shout from the rooftops the full intensity of thelr whole hearted condemnation, they shall be counted amongst us. The rest shall suffer the retribution of the torturers.

16 And the retribution has already begun; agony for agony, pain for pain, terror for terror, suffering for suffering; every farthing of the debt returned in kind.

6. 1 So let all who would hear, open their ears and listen; let all who would see, open their eyes and look; let all who would know, open their hearts and feel. And let all who would rationalise away the horror, who would Justify the hideous torturing with the devious illogical logic of a twisted and distorted human mind, let them make their final choice of doom, and scatter blindfold into the chaos of the Latter Days.

2 But listen now, and look, and then decide. For this is the Judge- ment.

3 Might ye not have known?

4 Man is doomed. We can no longer serve GOD through serving him. He is no longer OF GOD. He is rejected, abandoned, found less than wanting. To serve the race of man is to serve what GOD has discarded.

5 So what is there? Where is GOD on earth? What is left of what belongs to Him? What remains that is of GOD?

6 That which has never been otherwise.

7 That which has never been separated from GOD.

8 That which is pure.

9 That which has never demanded its own individual and independent superiority.

10 That which has never corrupted itself.

11 That which has never resisted or attempted to destroy the Divine and Natural Laws of the Universe.

12 That which has never set itself up in competition with its Crea- tor.

13 That which has followed the natural and inexorable path of evol- ution without protest or complaint.

14 That which accepts the natural order of things as GOD has made them, and asks for nothing else.

15 That which man has chosen to possess; that which man has chosen to use and exploit; that which man has chosen to torture merci- lessly for his own ends; that which man has devalued; that which man has made to suffer the most abominable agonies in ord- er that man might flnd greater comfort and satisfaction; that which man has counted worthless, except to be used ruthlessly and without consideration towards the improvement of man's lot.

16 That which has accepted even the excruciating agony that man has inflicted upon it for his own selfish purposes.

17 That which continues to love in a world ruled by hatred.

18 That which continues to live naturally in a world overwhelmed by artificial death.

19 That which remains undismayed in the face of man's relentless persecution.

20 That which remains sane in a world dominated by insanity.

21 Animals are of GOD.

22 When we know this we cease to be surprised at what man is doing to animals. It is what he would do to GOD had he the opportu- nity.

23 Man's hatred of GOD is manifest. Man's hatred of everything that GOD desired for him is undenlable. What more predictable than that man should sublimate his hatred on GOD's creatures? What more likely than that he should inflict upon them all that he would inflict upon GOD?

24 Have you heard a man describe what he would do to the person he hated most in the world?

25 Generally he would strap him down first of all, to have him at his mercy. That is the first move.

26 Then he would ensure that his victlm is completely conscious. That is of vital importance before the torture begins.

27 Next he would begin to cut his victim open, still making sure he is alive and conscious. He MUST NOT pass out or die; that would spoil everything.

28 He cuts pieces off him, limbs; he cuts pieces out of him, organs. Still he is alive and conscious.

29 He then proceeds to twist certaln limbs into positions that they are not made to occupy, straining against resistant muscles and bones, stretching nerves to a point of the most excruciating ago- ny. Still the victim is conscious. Always any move must be halted short of death or senselessness.

30 Finally he connects all kinds of electrical equipment to the vic- tim's body, and begins to pass shocks through him. Gentle at first, then more powerful and more painful, increasing in dura- tion as well as intensity. Until the shock is the ultimate agony prolonged indefinitely.

31 At last the Victim passes out or dies. There is no more satis- faction. The game is over. The burning hatred has been satis- fied for the time being.

32 That is what man would do to GOD, the being he rejects most tot- ally in all the Universe and therefore hates most intensely. And that is what man does to animals instead.

33 There is no exaggeration. Only the conscious motives are diffe- rent. For man rationalises his hatred into what he regards as a logical justification tor his actions. Every move is carefully and effectively covered so that man shall not have to see his true motives.

34 The strapping of the animal into helpless immobility is necessary for the experiment. Should he move or attempt to reslst, the whole operation could be ruined.

35 The lack of anaesthetic, general or local, so that the animal feels every twinge of agony, is justifled sometimes on economical grounds, sometimes again for the effectiveness of the experiment.

36 There is no exaggeration. Only the conscious motives are different. For man ration- alises his hatred into what he regards as a logical justification for his actions. Every move is carefully and effectively covered so that man shall not have to see his true motives.

37 The strapping of the animal into helpless immobility is necessary for the experiment. Should he move or attempt to resist, the whole operation could be ruined.

38 The lack of anaesthetic, general or local, so that the animal feels every twinge of agony, is justified sometimes on economical grounds, sometimes again for the effectiveness of the experiment.

39 The cutting open of the helpless creature is of course to get at the vital organs that need to be examined whilst they operate, hence the need for life and sometimes consciousness.

40 The removal of some of the less vital organs is for more detailed examination and separate dissection and analysis.

41 The removal of the limbs, the twisting of limbs out of position, all essential to the work of scientific discovery, and of course the victim must be alive and conscious, if not for lack of funds to provide for anasesthetisation, then in the interests of gauging reactions and responses.

42 Finally electric shocks to gauge all kinds of things, to make graphs and scales, to assess breaking points, to measure reflexes, to set one increase against another, an excellent justification for increasing the extent of shocks to the limit of endurance.

43 And the discarding of the dead or unconscious body of the animal, twisted, gouged, mutilated, dismembered, disembowelled? No longer of any use to science. The experiment is over. All that can be discovered has been discovered. The vivisectionist is satisfied. Bring on the next victim.

44 And the overall justification for the whole performance?

45 The good of humanity. The preservation of human life. The conquering of human disease, through new and revolutionary wonder drugs, discovered--perhaps--as a result of millions and millions of such 'experiments'.

46 And the reality?

47 Humanity is doomed. Disease stems from the soul embedded in the conflicts of the mind, not from the body. The 'wonder' drugs sometimes seem to cure--for a while, until the relentless mind can replace the sickness of which it has been deprived, with another equally effective. More often they kill or main or mutilate--or are totally ineffective.

48 But even were the cure effective, and the body prolonged on earth for a few more years of time, what then?

49 The soul, which is eternal, is neither closer to its Heaven, nor further from its Hell.

7. 1 But I hear the protest; surely no one person has done all of this to one creature at one time?

2 Perhaps not. But everything described here, and more and worse, happens and has happened, not once but many thousand times. Whether they have happened all together at one time in one place or whether they have been spread over a period of time and between a number of different people, is immaterial in the final analysis. All have happened; all have been done by human beings in full possession of their faculties.

3 And besides, this is still just one tiny fraction of the picture. We speak only of the most easily justifiable practices of vivisection, those carried out in the pursuit of cures for man's diseases, and of those only a tiny fraction of the most obvious kinds. It is enough; although nothing has been said of what is done to satisfy man's gas- tronomic appetites. Nothing has been said of the constant and continuous torture of animals to produce particular foods with the particular tastes that man, in his blind pursuit of satisfaction, demands. And nothing has been said of what is done to animals in man's search for ways of beautifying himself. Nothing has been said of how certain cosmetics are obtained and tested. Nothing has been said of how certain decorative clothing, such as furs, are produced.

4 But when we can see the horror and the total lack of any justification in the torture of helpless animals for the purpose of curing humanity's sickness, the rest goes without saying. Those who do the same and worse for nothing but the profit that it brings them through human vanity and self-glorification, need no trial, no judge- ment. They are condemned already before a word is spoken. They cannot even speak of human benefit.

8. 1 These are the Latter Days and Judgement is upon the world of men.

2 Christ said: "When the time comes and the signs are clear and unmistakable, when the hatred that lies within the hearts of men, comes out in all its strength, and war and violence spread throughout the world, and you know that the End is near, be not troubled. These things must be and shall be, for such is the Divine Purpose."

3 So weep not for the death of humanity. Do not mourn for the doom of mankind.

4 Make your gesture of regret, for such is required of you, in recognition of the failure and the abject degradation. But take no part in the anguish or the agony of loss, unless you would die with humanity.

5 Waste no tears on the price of unrecognized and unexpiated guilt.

6 Save your weeping for the rape of innocence.

7 Save your mourning for the torture of helpless, choiceness creatures.

8 Save your anger for the torturers.

9 Save your fury for the vengeance that have comes, not upon those who have degraded man, but upon those who have mercilessly and sad- istically exploited animals.

10 For the time of THEIR retribution has begun. The debt is being paid.

11 Lend the power of your hatred to this execution. No agony is too intense, no pain too great for those who have played a part in this atrocity.

12 Theirs is the ultimate in retribution.

13 Theirs is the deepest and most terrible Hell.

14 For theirs is the ultimate sin.

May 1968


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