*1 If there is no compulsive pursuit of success there is no sense

of failure. (See the Cycle of Ignorance). Notice also a few

lines farther on; "The only block to Love is ignorance." And

farther on; ''....sense of failure, which is the mark of


*2 This means a true intention, of which the only criterion is

actually 'knowing' (See Logic: Intention and Counter-Intention),

hence the next question, which refers to a conscious level of


*3 'Ask' here refers to telepathic contact with beings or concepts

or other spiritual entities that can supply information about

levels and areas outside a person's immediate conscious range

of vision and awareress.

*4 (See 'GOD IS').

*5 It is interesting to note that this state, which in terms of

GOD is the highest possible state in which a being can be - or

rather not be, is what Scientology regards as the LOWEST poss-

ible state that a being can be in. Hardly surprising.

*6 The creation of conscious thought; the use of the intellect

to think rationally (so called) as opposed to feeling and to

knowing intuitively, which is the nature of conscious aware-


*7 To xtumm (pronounced 'shtoom'; oo as in 'good') is to 'kill',

either physically, spiritually or mentally, depending on the

context. The extent of the 'death' can vary. For example:

to xtumm someone could mean simply to silence him, to knock

him senseless or to destroy him completely. Also atmospheres

can be xtummed, conversations can be xtummed, contact between

people can be xtummed, etc. In the present context a 'xtummer'

refers to one who kills contacts and atmospheres on a spiritual

level, with heavy deadening projections and attitudes.

*8 This simply means Processeans doing their jobs.

*9 Humanity lives by the inversion of this rule. It makes few

OVERALL rules about sleeping, eating and working, but its social

codes make the most rigid demands in the areas of recreation,

stimulation, contact, thought, entertainment, etc.

*10 Out of Time (See the Cycle of Ignorance).

*11 This still applies!

*12 This refers to the information contained in the previous dial-


*13 This refers to a technique whereby sublimation of certain

compulsive patterns is practiced in the form of fantasising

fulfilment of these patterns, in order to relieve some of the

pressure around them.

*14 Truth is the knowledge of personal reality. Although personal

realities are all different, the KNOWLEDGE of them that springs

from each man's total acceptance of his own reality, is always

the same. Hence truth is identical for all.

Final note:

The local inhabitants informed us that Xtul is the Mayan word

for 'the End'. That is what humanity would call a coincidence!

September 1968


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